OvalEdge Migration Process

Release6.0.0.1 Migration Process

This article provides information about the migration process which needs to be followed by the customers who are migrating from the existing release version to the latest Release6.0.0.1 version.

Migrating to OvalEdge Release6.0.0.1 requires the same process as migrating to the Release6.0 version and configuration of the "ovaledge.jarpath" in Administration > Configuration > System Path. Here, you need to place the jar files associated with the Connector Library Jars ("csp-lib-x.0.jar", "csp-lib-bigdata-x.0.jar") in the above-configured path ("ovaledge.jarpath").

In Release6.0.0.1, the Connector Library Jars have been separated from the OvalEdge war, which helps modularize applications and remove vulnerabilities from the core components. 

For Snowflake Connection.

Until Release6.0, the Snowflake JDBC Jar used to be placed under "ovaledge.jarpath", however, this process has now been improvised, and since Release6.0.0.1, the Jars are bundled with "ovaledge.war". Users are not required to place "snowflake.jar" in the "ovaledge.jarpath"; and if it has already been placed, the user needs to remove it.

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