OvalEdge Objects Security

Projects Security

Projects in OvalEdge is a feature, which enables all the users within an organization to effectively manage and organize their work. It enables a user to administer various data objects in a synchronized manner.

Users do not need administrator permissions to create new projects. All users will be able to create their own projects and share those projects with other users in the organization. However, the permissions to view the data objects in the project depend on what level of access the user has directly on the data source.

Users can add multiple data objects to each project from different schemas/ files/ report groups/ queries & stories.

Projects are used by a small group of users working on a similar task to also collaborate on their data objects.


You need to execute two projects for your organization. Your colleague Kayla also uses Projects but only requires access to an individual project of yours.

To grant her access to a specific project you created, you invite her to use your project:

  • Project 1 - Graduation Analysis- Invitation sent to Kayla to use the project
  • Project 2 - Student Enrollment- No invite added to Kayla

Kayla has full access to Project 1. However, access to the data objects in this project depends on the permissions set on the object level. Kayla will not be able to access Project 2.

Collaboration within Projects

Invited project users can collaborate with each other with notes/ messages. 

Click the collaboration messages icon present on the screen (Right end) and mention the identifier @ to pull the list of all users.

The selected user will receive a notification message.




Project Creators

Has default access to all the projects they create

Project creators can: 

-Create new projects 

-Invite other users to view their project

-delete the project they created so it is unavailable to other users.

Invited Users

Has access to the projects they have been invited

Invited users can:

  • View the projects on which they received an invite
  • Can only delete the project.


Revoke access on a Project

Project creators can simply revoke the shared project access from a particular user by unselecting the username from the invite user option.

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