Privacy Classification

Identify all the PII elements across all data attributes

What is PII?

Personally Identifiable Information is information that identifies a distinct individual. Examples of sensitive PII include Social Security Numbers (SSN), Driving License Numbers, Email IDs, and Revenue details. Responsible users should restrict or mask the column data so other users have no access to it. However, not all PII’s are sensitive or confidential. 

How do we identify PII elements?

Step1: Create a Privacy domain

Step2: Create the PII terms in the Privacy Domain

Step3: Associate at least one PII element to each term

Step4: Run AI recommendation algorithms to identify the PII elements and apply the recommendations to the corresponding terms.

How do we run the AI recommendations?

Term Recommendations are like table and column recommendations for tags. When a term recommendation job is submitted, the system displays all the data objects to which this term could be associated. Users can then select and add these data objects with the term. 

Term recommendations can only be submitted for PUBLISHED terms. It cannot be executed on the DRAFT version of a term. 

This page displays various types of recommendation scores for a data column based on how a business glossary term is associated with the data objects. These scores help a user to decide whether to accept or reject the recommended column. The different scores listed are:

  1. Smart score
  2. Data score
  3. Pattern score 
  4. Name score 

All these scores collectively populate a single score called the score.

To submit a term recommendation

  1. Select the Business Glossary feature from the main menu.
  2. Select a glossary term to get term recommendations. 
  3. Select the recommendations tab and click Run schema/table/column/file/file column/report/report column recommendation job button. A job is submitted. 
  4. Refresh the screen to see the list of all the data objects related to the PII term
  5. To add a recommended data object choose.
  6. To ignore the recommended data object choose.
  7. Navigate to the associated data dictionary tab to verify the added data object. 

PII Data Classification

Once all the PII elements have been associated with corresponding terms, they will be classified according to the classifications configured at the domain level automatically.

  1. Select the Governance catalog >> Data classification module
  2. Select the Privacy Domain from the drop down
  3. View the PII elements in various classifications.