Application Security

Crawler Security

Establishing and validating database connections is restricted to the Admin users within OvalEdge, so that not all users have access to it. By performing a crawl action, the metadata is ingested into OvalEdge. For more information about Crawlers and how to perform a crawl, see topics under Crawling.

Once the connection is setup, one of the following actions are performed:

  1. Admin users crawl the configured database connection (or)
  2. Create Special Roles and make the users who belong to this role to crawl the data connections. 

How to configure special crawler roles?

Navigate to the Administration >> Configuration page and select the key “ovaledge.crawler.role”. Replace the default value “OE_ADMIN” with a custom role to do the crawling option and save the value.

Only one role can be associated to do the crawl.

Who becomes the Owner & Steward after the crawl?

The user who crawls the database connection becomes the default Owner and Steward of that crawled connection. Only Admins has the capability to change the owners and stewards of this connection.

For more information on how to update the owner and steward, see this article Setting up Security on Data Assets.