Service Desk

Build Lineage Request

This request is raised to build a lineage between the objects. Building lineage will be done manually by the approvers.

Users can raise a request to build the lineage for multiple objects. It is not an automatic request, approvers need to build the lineage manually.

Users can raise the build lineage request on a multiple data object from the following modules in OvalEdge:

  • Service Desk →  New Service Request
  • Service Desk icon in the top right corner of each page to get the service desk page.

Note: We cannot raise build lineage requests thru Data Catalog. 

When we request build lineage from any of the above options, it navigates to the same service desk screen.                                

Select the ‘Request Type’ as ‘Build Lineage’, a new screen pops up as shown below where we need to add the following options to create a request.

  1. Requested Priority: It can be either High/ medium/ Low based on the requirement.
  2. Desired Relationship: We need to provide the objects for which lineage needs to be built.
    1. Use @ sign to automatically select the object type from the database. Existing items are:
      • Business glossary (@BR)
      • Projects (@PR)
      • Tables (@TB)  
      • Queries (@QY) 
      • Table Columns (@TC) 
      • Files (@FL)  
      • File Columns (@FC)  
      • Reports / Report Columns (@RC)
      • Data Stories (@ST)

             b.   Once we select the object type, items will be listed out automatically. We can type and select the items accordingly.

3.   Purpose of the Service Request: We need to mention the purpose of building the lineage for the given objects.

After filling the above details, we can click on ‘Create Request’.  The approval workflow of a build lineage request can be customized using the Approval Workflow.

For ‘Build Lineage’, we have only 2 options provided under ‘Approved By’ & ‘Reviewed By’ as follows:

  1. By User
  2. By Anyone from the Role                             

Note: APPROVERS has the ability to change the Priority on the ticket raised while he approves/rejects the request. Once the request is raised, approver needs to build the lineage for the requested objects manually.