Lineage Impact Analysis

View the Impact Analysis results

When the job executions are completed, the summary panel will be updated with the impact analysis summary data, and the affected objects status will change to SUCCESS.

A brief explanation of the summary panel data is given below:

                           Field                                                Description

Affected id

Represents the id of the affected object which is always unique.

Connection Name

Represents the name of your connection which you gave in the Crawler page.


Represents the Schema name for your object.


Represents the Name of The Table/Report/file (any objects).

Object Type

Represents the Type of the object like Table/Report/file, file columns).

Analysis Type

Represents different types like upstream/downstream/upstream with association/downstream with association.

Job Status

Represents Success/pending (represent the status like you run the object or not)/(if you run it will change the status from pending after the result it will show the success.)

Job Run Date

It will show the date when the job started.

Impact Count

Will give the count of how many objects are getting impacted for the object.

Impact Level

It represents at what level the impacted object is either upstream or downstream with reference to the selected object.

No. of Downstream Objects

It will represent how many objects have been added downstream and show the count for the same.

No. of Upstream Objects

It will show you the Number of objects you added from the upstream shows the count for it (from source side called as upstream).

Downstream with Association

It will give the count for the objects that have been added downstream with association (for destination for how many objects the query has been added). 

Upstream with Association

It will give the count for how many objects query has been added from source side along with the tables in the lineage. 

Total Number of Impacted Objects

It will give the total count for the number of all the impacted objects (upstream/ downstream/ upstream with association/ downstream with association).
To view the full list of impacted objects, click on Impacted Objects tab.

Users can apply various filter options available in the table columns to understand the impact objects data.

Please see this article  Impacted Objects field list to know the list of all impacted objects, for the affected objects specified in the entry.