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Release 5.1

About OvalEdge 5.1

The OvalEdge 5.1 is the latest release improvised with DQR, integrated the Elastic Search Engine from AWS to the Data Lake Search to improve the performance of search results, merged the Temp Lineage with Real Tables, updated Business Glossary, and improvised the existing connectors (PowerBI Tools, Tableau ) and added new connectors in the application.

In this release, the critical and major bugs associated with the Security, Data Story Editor, Inbox Alerts, and Projects are fixed and working as expected. 

Release Type                                                            Release Date

Feature  Releaase                                                  18 June, 2021

New Features

  • Data Quality Rules

A Data Quality Rule defines a specific condition to be verified on the target data element and returns the results of the verification. 

The different types of the DQRs are:

    • Standard Rule: It is developed using the functions available on the platform. The repository of functions includes functions that operate on different object types:
      • Table functions
      • Column functions
      • File functions 
    • Custom Rule: It is used to validate the data in the target data element through the scripts provided by the end-user.

The following are the new implementations performed in the DQR:

    • Based on the Functions user can select the success range and values.
    • Users can add the associated objects. Here the respective dimensions are saved in the DQ rule table and displayed with the dimension field value. Each function has the standard SQL and associated object type.
  • Elastic Search used for Global search
    OvalEdge has integrated the Elastic Search Engine from AWS to the Data Lake Search to improve the performance of search results with a large data size in different connected systems. This feature can be optional if they want to continue with traditional search methods.
  • Temp Lineage Merge with Real Tables
    The system will create temporary schemas, tables, columns and build Lineage using them. When we crawl original schemas and tables, the Lineage mapped with temp schemas and tables should be mapped with these objects. We can use this application to achieve that, it lists the temp tables (with Lineage) with Recommended Tables. Upon Apply, Recommended Table and its columns will be replaced by Temporary Table and its Columns in its Lineage Graph.
  • Business Glossary Terms Uniqueness
    OvalEdge has given provision to maintain the Business Glossary terms uniqueness on all three levels i.e. Domain, Category, and Sub-Category. Here the current system is added with the configuration parameter that will allow users to maintain the Uniqueness as per their requirements. 
  • Load dataset from file to build the lineage
    OvalEdge has been given the facility to build manual Lineage through correcting existing queries or upload manual lineage through a file.


  • Data Catalog
    • Data Catalog | Queries | Details tab: It provides the download option to download data
    • Data Catalog | Metadata Changes: It provides the download option to download data
  • Project

    • Data story associated with Project: The current system is included with the “add to project” option on the story page as same as schema, table, file, and reports pages.
    • Project | Provide bulk deletion on the project module.
  • Query Sheet
    • The current system is included with the Popularity score column to the queries
    • Query sheet | When the user drags the table into the query box it will display the Script.
  • Service Desk

When we approve the request, approval, certain tasks are performed. For example, it grants the permissions, etc. so once the permissions are granted, it should change the status to Resolved.

    • For data quality requests below statuses will display:
      1. Pending approval(Initial status) after ticket gets created
      2. Approved after ticket gets approved by the approver
      3. Resolved after ticket status is updated as resolved by the final approver
      4. Closed  after ticket status is updated as closed by the final approver
    • For non-data quality requests below statuses will display
      1. Pending approval(Initial status) after ticket gets created
      2. Resolved after ticket gets approved by the approver
      3. Closed  after ticket status is updated as closed by the final approver
  • Business Glossary
    • Business Glossary | In the summary page provides a heading as "Data Associations"
    • Added provision for adding Business Glossary description from the detail page.
    • Business Glossary | Tags | Implement tags history functionality  for terms
    • Tags
      • The current system is included with the additional information search filter in tags.
      • Removed Multi-tagging option from the application.
      • Notifications
        • Inbox | Watchlist provides the notification when a description is added/modified.
        •  Email Customization Subject text and email description
          1. The customizable text for the email alert is provided.
          2. A customizable Email Subject and Body for every email alert that we are sending are provided.

      The above scenarios should be based on the context like sending email alerts for missing schema, watchlist emails, system emails, etc.

      • Security
        • Security | Application | Now all the modules as shown as default with enable/disable features rather than adding them manually.
        • Security | Application | Given a search functionality on the application path and application name for the user.
      • Bookmark
        The Bookmark names can be edited, which makes it more usable and it automatically populates the name of the location which helps us to make more meaningful notations.
      • Jobs
        A new filter was added on Logs in the form of INFO, WARNING, and ERROR. This will help users to find the specific information which they are looking for.
      • Metadata change and Data change
        Moved Metadata changes and data changes tabs to Advance tools.
      • Global Search | Ability to see all certified elements in one place
        Provided the certificate filter in global search (left tab) to show the certificate on data assets.


      • New Connector added to OvalEdge
      1. Reporting System Looker
      2. MicroStrategy Business Intelligence system
      3. Azure SQL Manage Instance
      4. Apache Atlas 
      5. SFTP connector
      6. Google Cloud Service
      7. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service

      Connector Enhancements/Improvements

      • PowerBI Tools
        • Handled Table-Level Lineage for Analysis services and column-level lineage needs to be implemented.
        • Handled PowerBI reports which are not visible in the iframe.
        • Handling Analysis services and RDBMS for PowerBI lineage and tested with real-time data files for the newly implemented.
        • Implemented the column lineage for PowerBI based on Mcode functions. Also, Analysis was done for how to extract columns from MCODE to build column lineage.
      • Tableau Business Intelligence Tools
        1. Handled Tableau Lineage issues (sub-reports getting issue and column fields type).

        2. Handled Tableau duplicate Data Sources in lineage and chart child's data type.

        3. Handled Tableau column lineage missing in dashboards to views.

      • AWS Glue - Handled the AWS Glue ETL (workflows, jobs, and scripts) part in the application
      • Snowflake - Handled the Snow pipeline data into the OvalEdge.
      • SAP Table Connector - The handled capability of searching for specific tables and then performing crawling and profiling action.
      • Qlik Sense Connector - QlikSense Delta Process issues resolved (node issue for authentication while hitting update API, include file path replacement with connection string)
      • ODBC SQL Server - Crawler settings | Procedures, Functions, Triggers & Views Source Code and Relationship added to the connector.
      • Delta Crawl enhancements - OvalEdge, enhanced the setting in crawler options similar to the report/report column to provide for Delta crawl. if the user checks the delta crawl checkbox it will crawl in delta crawl otherwise it will do a normal crawl.
      • Auto Build Lineage
        • Advanced Tools  Build Auto Lineage | Correct Query - When any string is added and clicked on the "try now" the popup is getting close, again when the user clicks on the "try now" the "Add New Replace String" is shown.
        • SAP HANA Connector | Auto Lineage - OvalEdge has built auto-lineage for the connector, Now the auto lineage is provided for the SAP HANA connector.
        • Big Query | Auto Build Lineage - OvalEdge has built auto-lineage for the connector, Now the auto lineage is provided for the Big Query connector.

      Bugs Fixes

      1. Administration | Security - When the user clicks on Select All and click on one object available role and update, It was updating only for that object. Now, this issue is fixed and working as expected. 
      2. Data Story - Earlier, the Story editor was not providing controls to change text size. Now, this issue is fixed and working as expected. 
      3. Inbox - The alert was not showing in-application notification and unable to click on the alert link which is generated through the job workflow Alert option. Now, this issue is fixed and working as expected. 
      4. Project - The fix has been given only for the project-created user to delete the data object but invited users are not able to delete it even if they have admin access.

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