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Release 5.0

About OvalEdge 5.0

The OvalEdge 5.0 is the latest enhanced with the User License Manager 2.0, Redesigned UI/UX for Complete Application, Implemented Table Framework on Tables, and the New Connectors.

The application is improvised on the Real-time Job Parm Synchronization, Business Glossary, Application Title page updates, Sample Profile updates, and User Security updates. It is also updated with few hidden features to track Email Delivery for user messages and added a framework to handle special data types.

Release Type                                                   Release Date

Feature  Release                                            10 May, 2021

New Features

  • Audit Trail
    The following are the new features associated with the Audit User activities within the OvalEdge application:
    1. Login Audit Details: It provides information about user login activities with USERID, IP Address, Login-Logout time, and Duration details.
    2. User Roles Audit: It provides the information about the User Roles updates with a User ID, Updated Roles ID, Updated By, and Action Taken details.  
    3. Audit Role Permissions: It provides information about when a particular Role-Permission is added to an object. 
    4. Audit Term: Audit Trail for Term provides the information about the updates with Object Name, Object Type, Term, Action, Updated By, Audit Date.
    5. Audit Tag: Audit Trail for tag provides information for the following ID, Object Level, Object Name, Tags, Action, Updated By, and Updated At.
    6. Audit Crawler: Audit Trail for Crawler provides information for the following Connection Name, Connection Type, Updated By, Updated At,  and Action.
  • User License Manager 2.0
    OvalEdge Application is incorporated with the New License Management, where the Users can have permissions to apply various License Type like Essential, Advanced, and Ultimate. Here the Users will have the access to selected modules in the application.
  • Redesign UI/UX for Complete Application
    OvalEdge Application 5.0 is introduced with a simple and fresh design appearance to improve the user experience. It has been designed and developed with the primary focus on user accessibility, simplicity, usability, and easy navigation over the application.
  • Implementation of Table Framework on Tables
    The new Table Framework plugin is included in the application to display the data in the Tabular view format. Here the user can view the data with data search, filter, page navigation, data sorting, and many more options.
  • New Connectors
    • The following are the Connectors included in the application with the current release:
  • DENODO Connector
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance Connector
  • CouchDB NoSQL Connector
  • ALL Script Connector
  • EXASOL Connector
  • Lineage Building for PowerBI Connector
  • MicroStrategy Connector


    • Realtime Job Parm Synchronization
      The Manual Job configurations in the application are now automated, where the configurations are automatically saved without clicking on the update configuration button.
    • Added Multiselect for a bulk update for job status
      The Bulk Updated functionality is included in the Job modules in the application for the selected jobs status updates.
    • Business Glossary - Optimize the Sub-category updates
      • The existing Business Glossary functionality is updated to modify the Sub-Category or Category from the single window.
      • Earlier when the user wants to update the Sub-Category, the user needs to first update the Category and then Sub-Category is updated. But now the Sub-Category or Category can be updated by selecting the Category or Sub-Category from the single window.
    • Application Title page update
      All the modules and the submodules pages existing in the application are provided with titles, which helps the user to easily navigate from one module to other modules.
    • Sample Profile updates
      • The existing functionality related to the Sample Profile is updated to display the setting used in the Sample Profile.
      • Example: When a table is used in the sample profile, the system displays the number of rows and columns that were profiled.
    • User Security updates
      The existing functionality related to the User Security is updated to re-login in to the system on the successful change of the existing Password.
    • Business Description and Technical Description History 
      The new functionality is included to display the business and technical description history. Here the system monitors the changes that have been made to their respective descriptions.

    Deprecated / Hidden Features

    • Track Email Delivery for user messages
      The new functionality is included to track the status of the e-mail delivery from the system. Here when an e-mail is successfully delivered, a notification is sent to the Users.
    • Added framework to handle special data type
      The new framework is included in the application to handle the special data type for database profiling. Here while profiling the database connection the unsupported data types are skipped.

    Connectors and special data types managed are listed below:


    Data Types


    "array", "xid", "anyarray", "oidvector" ,"int2vector" ,"bytea", "tid"


    "clob","blob" ,"img"


    "bytea", "jsonb", "lseg", "polygon", "json", "box","macaddr", "line", "point", "array", "xid", "anyarray", "oidvector", "int2vector", "bytea", "tid", "pg_lsn"







    Sql Server

    "clob", "blob", "img", "xml", "image", "int identity", "bit", "varbinary", "timestamp", "binary", "longblob", "mediumblob"


    "longblob", "lob"


    "json", "clob", "blob"

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