Upgrading Tomcat from 9.0.x to 9.0.83

Following a systematic process while upgrading Tomcat from version 9.0.x to version 9.0.83 is important to ensure a smooth transition. This guide outlines a series of steps to help you navigate through the upgrade process seamlessly. From backing up your existing configuration and data to testing the functionality of the upgraded Tomcat version, each step is outlined with clear instructions. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step#1: Backup Existing Configuration and Data

  • Before initiating the upgrade, creating backups of your current Tomcat configuration and data is imperative. This includes crucial elements such as configuration files (server.xml), Java parameters, and memory pool settings.

Step#2: Download Tomcat 9.0.83

Step#3: Stop the Tomcat Server

  • Halt the currently running Tomcat server either through services or by opening Command Prompt (CMD) and navigating to the Tomcat bin directory, followed by running the appropriate command.

Step#4: Extract Tomcat 9.0.83

  • Extract the downloaded Tomcat 9.0.83 package to a new directory using tools like WinZip, WinRAR, or the Windows built-in extraction tool. Once extraction is complete, proceed with deleting the zip file.

Step#5: Setup Tomcat 9.0.83 as a Service and Copy Configuration

  • Uninstall the existing Tomcat service using the command: service.bat uninstall<service_name>
    Example: service.bat uninstall tomcat9
  • Set up the new Tomcat 9.0.83 as a service using the command: tomcat9w.exe //ES//tomcat9.
  • Copy the configuration files, Java parameters, and memory pool settings from the old Tomcat directory.

Step#6: Check and Update Configuration

  • Review the configuration files copied from the old configuration and make necessary updates in the server.xml file.

Step#7: Moving ovaledge.war file

  • Delete the folders within the Webapps folder.
  • Copy the application file ("ovaledge.war") from the old Tomcat webapps directory to the new one.

Step#8: Start Tomcat 9.0.83

  • Navigate to the new services and start the newly created Tomcat service name tomcat9.

Testing and Verification

  • Ensure successful access to your application via a web browser using the appropriate URL.
  • Validate that the "ovaledge" application functions as expected on the upgraded Tomcat version.
  • Monitor the Tomcat logs for any errors or warnings (logs/catalina.out, logs/catalina.YYYY-MM-DD.log, etc.).

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