Analytical Systems


Connectivity Summary

An out-of-the-box connector is available for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) databases to support crawling database objects and lineage building.

The connectivity to SQL Server’s Analysis Service is via ODBC APIs.

Technical Specifications

The following are the connector capabilities mentioned below:


Feature Supported Objects Remarks
Crawling Dimensions  
Dimensions Columns

Supported Data Types:

Integer, Float, Date, String, Object, Error, Boolean, Object, Decimal, Byte, Time, Timestamp


See this article Profile Data to know more about Profiling.

Feature Support
Dimensions Profiling Row count, Columns count, View sample data
Column Profiling Min, Max, Null count, distinct, top 50 values
Full Profiling Supported
Sample Profiling Not supported
Operation Details
Select Supported
Insert Not supported, by default.
Update Not supported, by default.
Delete Not supported, by default.
Joins within database Supported
Joins outside database Not supported
Aggregations Supported
Group By Supported
Order By Supported

By default, the service account provided for the connector will be used for any query operations. If the service account has write privileges, then Insert / Update / Delete queries can be executed.


To use the connector, the following need to be available:

  • Connection details as specified in the following section should be available.
  • An admin/service account for crawling and profiling requires the following minimum privileges:
    • Connection validate
    • Crawl Cubes
    • Crawl Tables
    • Profile Cubes, Tables

Connection Details

The following are the connection settings that need to be added for connecting to SQL Server‘s Analytical Services:


  • Database Type: SSAS
  • License Type: Standard 
  • Connection Name: Select a Connection name for the SQL Server Analytical Services database. The name that you specified is a reference name to easily identify your SQL Server Analytical Services database connection in OvalEdge.
    Example: SQL Server Analytical Services1
  • Server: SSAS instance URL (on-premises/cloud-based)
    Example: EC2AMAZ-ISRE34
  • Port number: 5000
  • Tenant Id: Respective Tenant Id
  • App Id: Respective App Id
  • App Secret: App secret maintained for this SSAS.
  • URL: URL for this SSAS machine
  • Server Name: It is the server name where ODBC APIs application is running.

Once connectivity is established, additional configurations for Crawling and Profiling can be specified.

Property  Details
Crawler configurations
Tables, views & columns By default, it is selected true
Relationships Need to select for crawl relationships
Crawler rules Default includes tables regex has  regex = (.*), which can crawl all the tables
Profile Settings
Tables and columns By default, it is selected true
Views and columns By default, it is selected true
Profile Rules Default includes tables regex has  regex = (.*), which can profile all the tables

Points to note

Profiling for Measures & Measure-Folder dimension columns is NOT supported.