Remote Policy

Remote Policy

Sync OvalEdge policy with Remote:  Users can select the check box to assign the OvalEdge policy with the remote. When this option is selected, this enables various predefined ovaledge policy schemes to be applied on the remote connection. 

There are five masking schemes defined and can be assigned to the table or column of remote connection.

  • Mask Alphanumeric with xxxxxxxxx
  • Mask AllChars with xxxx
  • Show Last 4 characters
  • Show First 4 characters
  • Show Blank


  • Typically for Snowflake remote connection, policy schemes for data types of remote objects such as Time Stamp and Number data type cannot be masked.
  • Refer to how the column level security is enabled in the security module to know how to restrict and mask a column. If any failure or success on objects policies (Success /Failure and update and delete) are displayed in the Audit Trails. 
  • The allowed user roles are available only when a User chooses to restrict a column. Functionally, users choose to either Mask or Restrict the column data.