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OvalEdge Release6.0.2.6 is a hotfix release that includes improvements to the Data Catalog and Advanced Tools modules.

In this release, the critical and significant bugs associated with the Data Catalog, Data Stories, Service Desk, Advanced Tools, and Administration modules are fixed and working as expected.

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Hotfix Release



04 May 2023


  • Data Catalog
    In Codes | Associations | Previously, when adding a view or view column, the associate object type was only displayed as views. However, this has now been improved, and the associate object type is displayed separately as a view and a view column respectively.
  • Advanced Tools
    OvalEdge APIs | The GET Table API's custom field code format has been revised and unnecessary codes have been removed to avoid confusion.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this release, and the application is working as expected.

  1. Data Catalog
    1. Report Column | Column Lineage | The "Copy to Clipboard" and "View Association" options weren't working as expected. However, this issue is now resolved and the functionality is working fine.
    2. Previously, the downloaded column details did not include the column title. However, this issue has now been fixed and both the column title and name are displayed in the downloaded column details.
  2. Data Stories
    1. Data Stories | when a term is added to a data story using the @ annotation. The references made were not being logged and displayed in the 'References' Tab of the Term. This issue has now been fixed and the references tab now displays the references made to the term from data stories.
  3. Service Desk
    1. Service Request | The final approver in the team is encountering an error message stating "Problem occurred" when attempting to approve the ticket. However this issue is now fixed and the application is working as intended.
  4. Advanced Tools
    1. Impact Analysis | Previously, users encountered a 504 error while trying to delete an impact analysis via the Nine Dots menu. However, this issue has been fixed. Now, a job is initiated to handle the impact analysis deletion and also displays the job's outcome status.
    2. Impact Analysis | Impacted Objects | Encountering an error 500 when attempting to download impacted objects using the Nine Dots option. The issue has been resolved and is working fine.
    3. Data and Metadata Changes | Metadata Changes | Codes Tab | There was an issue with the placement of the calendar icons for the start and end date fields. However, this issue has now been resolved and is working fine.
  5. Administration
    1. Connectors | The Azure Data Lake Connector using Bridge was unable to crawl data objects such as Files and Folders, however, this issue is now fixed and is working as intended.
    2. Connectors | Azure Data Bricks, While merging two or more columns, the source was being linked to multiple destinations instead of being linked only to its corresponding destination, which led to unexpected results. The expected outcome was for the source and destination to have matching column mappings based on the results whereas the expected outcome was for the source & destination to match according to the results. This issue has been resolved and the functionality is now working as intended.
    3. Connectors | S3 Connector | The S3 connector was unable to perform file profiling for Parquet files. However, this issue has been resolved, and users can now successfully perform profiling on parquet files.
    4. Service Desk Templates | While creating the Business Glossary Term creation template the instructions provided were unsuitable and led to confusion for the users. However, this issue is resolved and proper instructions are provided. 

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