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OvalEdge Release6.0.2.5 is a hotfix release that includes improvements to the Data Catalog, Business Glossary, Advanced Tools, and Administration modules.

In this release, the critical and significant bugs associated with the Home, Data Catalog, Business Glossary, Service Desk, Advanced Tools, and Connectors modules are fixed and working as expected.

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Hotfix Release



20 April 2023


  • Data Catalog
    • The Data Catalog | Data Objects Summary now includes scrolling bars for the column details table on the summary page of a data object. This enables users to conveniently view the table headers while scrolling to the bottom of the table.
    • In Data Catalog | Data Objects, when adding a DAG to a data object using the "Add Tags" pop-up, any previously assigned tags are now removed from the data object to prevent confusion for users.
    • In Data Catalog | Configure View | The pagination count which was 200 previously has been increased to 500. This will allow users to view 500 records on a single page.
    • The Data Catalog | Data Objects | Lineage now displays only the first 30 characters of a dataset's name followed by three dots if the name exceeds the 30-character limit.
    • In Data Catalog | Files | Select a File | Lineage now includes an additional hand cursor feature alongside the zoom in/out icon. The hand cursor has been set as the default mode and allows users to easily scroll or drag within the tab.
  • Business Glossary
    • The Business Glossary module in the service partner instance has been renamed to 'Partner Hub'.
  • Advanced Tools
    • In Advanced Tools | Build Auto Lineage | Summary | A new filter option has been added to the "Status" column that enables users to conveniently filter the status logs according to their preferences.
    • In Advanced Tools | Load Metadata from Files | Table Columns | The Action Menu has been now implemented to edit, modify, or delete the table column-related details such as Business Glossary, Tags, Terms, etc.
  • Administration
    • In Administration | Advanced Jobs | An Advanced Job has been added to Build Lineage using JSON files.
    • In Administration | Connectors | Delta Lake | An ADL parsing dialect (HIVE) has been added to the Delta Lake Connectors while building lineage.
    • In Administration | Connectors | OvalEdge now offers integration with Azure Key Vault as a Credential Manager for authentication, enabling users to securely and easily access various connectors such as Salesforce. Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse, PowerBI.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this release, and the application is working as expected.

  1. Home
    1. In Global Search | The application is returning an error if users are trying to click on the data objects that appear in the search results. This issue is now resolved and the application is no longer returning an error.
  2. Data Catalog
    1. In Data Catalog | Tables | Entity Relationships | Users were unable to filter out the Base Column Name field and Related Column field in the tabular plugin while viewing the entity relationships in a tabular format. However, a fix was provided to address this issue and the filter is now functioning properly.
    2. In Data Catalog | Files | For Azure Data Lake connection, the data tab was not displaying any data for the selected file in the Data Tab. The issue has been resolved and is now working fine.
    3. In Data Catalog | Tables | Summary | Users were unable to download data from pages beyond the first page even though the data is spread across multiple pages. This issue is now resolved and the user is able to download data from other pages as well.
  3. Business Glossary
    1. In the Business Glossary | Term Summary, when users attempt to apply data associations such as "Copy title to catalog" or "Copy steward to catalog", an error message stating that the business description field cannot be blank is displayed, despite having provided a description for the term. However, this issue has been resolved, and users can now apply data associations to terms without encountering any error message.
    2. In Business Glossary | Associated Data | Users were unable to remove associated tables using the Nine Dots menu 'Delete Data Object'. This issue has now been resolved and working fine.
    3. In Business Glossary | Code Custom Fields| The drop-down options were displaying the table column name along with the configured code custom field options. This issue has now been resolved and working fine.
    4. In Business Glossary | The Governance roles changed for a Domain are not automatically getting updated at the Term level. This issue is now fixed and the Term level governance level is updated when the roles at the domain level are changed.
  4. Service Desk
    1. In Service Desk|  Custom fields details were getting disappeared from the service request template when approving a content change request on a term. This issue has now been resolved and working fine.
    2. In the Service Desk Template, When creating a custom template for the Table and Table Columns request for a specific SQL Server connector, users were experiencing an issue where the customization included in the template was not being displayed at the data catalog level. However, this issue has been resolved and now the customization performed for the Table and Table Columns request for the specific SQL Server connector is displayed at the catalog level as well.
  5. Advanced Tools
    1. In Advanced Tools | Build Auto-Lineage |  Encountered an issue where navigating back from the 'Correct Query' pop-up was causing users to be redirected to a different screen instead of the previous page. This issue has been resolved and working fine.
    2. In Advanced Tools | Build Auto Lineage | Summary | The Lineage status of an RDBMS file is incorrectly displayed on the Lineage summary page. However, this issue has been resolved, and the application now displays the correct Lineage status.
    3. In Advanced Tools | Build Auto Lineage |  The Quick View option under the "Correct Column" was not displaying any information when the user clicked on it, This issue is now resolved and the quick view option is working as expected.
    4. In Advanced Tools | Temp Lineage Correction | The "Recommended Schema" and "Recommended Connection " column filters were not  functioning as intended. However, with the recent fix, this issue is resolved and the filter options for these columns are working as expected.
    5. In Advanced Tools | Load Metadata from Files | If the user uploads a template that's missing mandatory information, the job status should indicate a failure or partial success in the job logs. However, the job status shows as successful even in such cases. This issue has now been resolved and accurate Job statuses are being displayed.
    6. In Advanced Tools | OvalEdge APIs | Users were unable to access the APIs using token-based authentication. The issue has now been resolved and working fine.
  6. Connectors
    1. In Administration | Connector users were unable to profile parquet files in S3 Connector. However, this issue has been resolved through the use of DuckDb, and users are now able to successfully profile parquet files.
    2. In Administration | Connectors | While building the lineage not all columns are being picked by the application, specifically the data movement. However, This issue is now resolved and the lineage is being built accurately.
    3. In Administration | Connectors | Workday Connector
      1. When the user performed profiling, the statistics for the column's top values displayed incorrect data. However, this issue has been resolved, and the statistics for the top values in the column now display accurate information.
      2. When users couldn't access certain tables and tried to crawl and profile them using Workday Connector's Rest API, an "access denied" error would appear in the job log. Due to this, the system was unable to fetch the remaining data. However, this issue has been resolved. The system now displays a warning message in the job logs, and it can retrieve all data except for the restricted one.

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