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OvalEdge Release6.0.2.3 is a hotfix release that includes improvements to the Home, Data Stories, Projects, Advanced Jobs, and Administration modules.

In this release, the critical and significant bugs associated with the Business Glossary, Data Catalog, Advanced Tools, Administration, and Connectors modules are fixed and working as expected.

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Hotfix Release



31 March 2023


  • Home
    • On the Home page, the Bookmark functionality has been enhanced by allowing users to edit/delete a bookmark and pin it to the header menu.
    • Global Search now includes a "Quick View" option for every object, allowing users to view details quickly. Furthermore, the "View Details" option within the Quick View pop-up will direct the user to the selected objects page within the Data Catalog.
  • Data Stories
    • In the Data Stories, admin users can now restrict adding and removing stories from the Home page. Here, a user can add eight stories and designate one as the welcome story.
  • Projects
    • Projects | Kanban View is now improved to bookmark pages which are obtained by applying advanced filters such as Object Type, Object Name, Status Name, etc.
  • Advanced Tools
    • In OvalEdge APIs | Business Glossary API, the 'Search Terms' is enhanced with a new field 'OrderByCreatedDate'.
      • If the value is set as true, the terms are displayed in ascending order with reference to the term creation date.
      • If the value is set as false, then the domains are displayed in alphabetical order.
    • In Build Auto Lineage | When users click on the Correct Query icon and try to come back, it is navigating to the Build Auto Lineage screen. Now it is improvised to navigate back to the Query details pop-up window.
  • Administration
    • The 'Load JdEdwards manually' advanced job is improvised to map the JSON formatted Long Descriptions to the Custom Field named Industrial Definition provided by the user. 
    • The Salesforce connector property is upgraded to support API Version 57.0 and allows users to choose their preferred API Version from the Manage Connection > API Version dropdown list displayed when establishing a connection.
    • In Configurations, the SSO Configuration now enables admin users to set up the remote connector ID in the Configuration Key as <Oeapp.sso.connectorid> to synchronize the SSO platform with OvalEdge. This allows users onboarded through OKTA to change their license type from Business User to Author & Analytical.
    • The Audit Trails is now enhanced with a 'Custom Object Definition' option to display the record associated with the custom field changes such as add/edit/delete.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this release, and the application is working as expected.

  1. Business Glossary
    1. In Business Glossary | List View | Terms | Associated Data | Users were unable to add table/ table columns. Now it is fixed and working as expected.
    2. In Business Glossary | List View | Terms | Summary | The 'Not supported to Access Cart' option is now replaced with the 'Add to Project'.
  2. Data Catalog
    1. On Data Object | Lineage, when the user mouse hovers over the object name on the lineage graph, the information about the associated connection name is not displayed, and the text below the object overlaps with the 'three dots' symbol. Now, this issue is resolved and the connection name is displayed along with the object name below the object. Furthermore, the 'three dots' symbol is now positioned above the text.
    2. On Data Object | Lineage, when the user mouse hovers over an object name on the lineage graph instead of CODE, the DATASET label is displayed. But now, this issue is fixed and the code name is correctly labeled and displayed as "CODE".
    3. On the Data Object, after configuring a view pattern, the selected fields were not displayed in the correct order. Now it is fixed to display the selected field in the right order.
  3. Advanced Tools
    1. In OvalEdge APIs | Tags API, for the 'Get Child Tags' API after providing the required details, the result for the parent tag name was showing as null. Now it is fixed to display the parent tag name in the required field.
  4. Administration
    1. The 'ExtractQueriesFromDedupFileForVertica' advanced job was previously incapable of extracting all available queries within the Vertica database. However, this issue has now been resolved and the job is functioning properly as intended.
    2. In Custom Fields, when a user created a new code custom field and configured the Data Catalog view to show it, filtering the view to display the custom field options would also display the custom field name in the filter option. However, this has been corrected and now only the custom field options are displayed in the filter option.
  5. Connectors
    1. The Workday connector previously relied on JSON files to retrieve metadata during crawling and API calls to retrieve statistical data during profiling. Now, the connector is improved to retrieve metadata and statistical information through API calls.
    2. The 'Crawl/Profile' option for the Structured File connector was not working. Now it is fixed to work as expected.
    3. While profiling the views from the Azure SQL Managed Instance connector it was throwing an error, which is now fixed and working fine.
    4. The S3 connector was not supporting the profiling of the files with a colon (:) in the file name. Now it is fixed to profile the files with special characters in the file name.
    5. The system was unable to parse parquet files for the S3 connector. Now, it is fixed and working as expected.
    6. The following are a few issues related to the Oracle Service Cloud connector, which are now fixed and working as expected.
      1. Earlier, when crawling objects from Oracle Service Cloud, the Technical Description for the Table and Table columns was not fetched. However, the Technical Description is now fetched and displayed in the Data Catalog.
      2. During the profiling of the objects, the job logs displayed some error messages like unknown host expectations. But, now this issue is fixed, and profiling the data source is performed as expected.

Known Issues

This release has the following known bugs.

  1. Advanced Tools
    1. In Impact Analysis | Impact Analysis Name | Impacted Objects, for Column Types like Report, Table, and File, when a user clicks on the Source Object Name Quick View icon the system fails to redirect them to the corresponding destination page.
    2. For ETL and Reports Connectors, in Build Auto Lineage | Tabular Plugin | Correct Query Column | When users click on the Correct Query icon and try to come back a blank pop-up will be displayed.
  2. Connectors
    1. For File Connectors, after crawling AVRO files, the Data Catalog and File Manager will display the AVRO file data in JSON format instead of CSV format for File Connectors.
    2. For File Connectors, once the XLSX files have been profiled, the Data Catalog | Files will show the Data tab instead of Sub-Files. However, users will not have access to view any data.

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