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OvalEdge Release6.0.2.25 is a hotfix release that includes improvements to Dashboard, APIs, and Connectors modules.

In this release, the critical and significant bugs associated with the Tags, Data Catalog, Dashboard, Advanced Tools, Administration, and Connectors modules are fixed and working as expected

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04 July, 2023

Note: The Release6.0.2.25 Release Notes contain consolidated information detailing the improvements and bug fixes addressed from Release6.0.2.21 to Release6.0.2.25.



  • In Dashboard > All Reports and Favorite Reports dashboards, previously, the report group name was not visible when hovering over a report in the All Reports and Favorite Reports dashboard sections. This made it challenging for users to identify the associated report group. However, the existing functionality is enhanced, and now, when hovering over reports in the Dashboard > All Reports and Favorite Reports sections, the report group name is displayed. 


  • Based on valuable client feedback, OvalEdge has implemented an enhancement to the alert management system. Previously, clients faced difficulty in identifying the source connector for each generated alert when using the "ALERT FILE CHECK" advanced job on two clusters with different connectors. To address this, OvalEdge has introduced the capability to separate alerts based on the connection name. With this update, clients can now easily track and identify the source connectors associated with the generated alerts. 


  • In the OvalEdge API's Time format, the Table API previously displayed time in the 12-hour format, leading to confusion. To address this issue and avoid ambiguity, we have made an enhancement by adding the AM (Ante Meridiem) and PM (Post Meridiem) indicators to the time format.


  • The Boomi connector has been enhanced to provide greater functionality and usability.
    Improvements include
    • BoomiSQL Process Relationship: A new relationship has been added between Boomi sql's and the process, allowing seamless integration and improved data flow management.
    • Process and Subprocess Relationship: A relationship has been established between the process and subprocess, enabling a more structured and organized approach to workflow management.
    • Map Component Lineage: Lineage tracking has been built between the map component's source and destination, providing better visibility and traceability of data transformations.
    • Enhanced User-Friendliness of Lineage: The user-friendliness of lineage for transformations and data movements has been significantly improved. Users can now easily understand the flow and relationships between various components, simplifying troubleshooting and enhancing the overall user experience.

          These enhancements empower users with more efficient data integration capabilities and smoother workflow within the Boomi connector. 

          Bug Fixes

          The following bugs have been fixed in this release, and the application is working as expected.


          • In the Tags, users encountered an issue where the + icon button was unavailable when editing Child Tags. This issue has been resolved and users can now utilize the + icon button to easily add Parent and Child Tags. This improves the overall experience of managing tag relationships.

          • During the process of adding tags to tables or table columns, users encountered an issue where some tags were missing from the available list of tags. This issue has been resolved. With the latest update, users can easily apply the desired tags without missing any options.

          Data Catalog

          • In the Data Catalog's Configure View, users encountered an issue where field header filter options were not visible. This issue has been resolved. In the updated version, users can now see the applied filters. 


          • In the Data Quality scores, the search functionality for selecting a schema and table in the Database was not working as expected. This issue is resolved, and users are able to view the corresponding tables and columns when selecting a schema and table in the Database.

          Advanced Tools 

          • On the Impact Analysis main page, previously, when users applied a filter in the header columns of the impact analysis table plugin, the details of the selected filter were not visible at the top. However, this issue has been fixed, and now the applied filter details are prominently displayed on the top.

          • In the Load Metadata from Files, previously, when updating the business description of a table column using the "load metadata" process, an unintended consequence occurred where the table-level technical description was inadvertently deleted. This issue has been resolved and users can now update the business description of a table column without impacting the table-level technical description. 

          • In OvalEdge APIs, previously, the User Get List API did not include offset and limit parameters, leading to a 404 response when executing the API. This issue has been resolved by adding offset and limit parameters. Users can now successfully retrieve the user list through the user/getUserList (GET) API, improving the overall functionality and usability of the API.


          • In the Job Workflow, users could not select and enable the "Send notification on error," "Send notification on success," and "Send notification" options in the Notifications setting for scheduling workflows. Now this issue is resolved and users can now easily select and enable these options, ensuring effective workflow status communication.

          • While running the "ALERT FILE CHECK" Advanced Job in the OpenShift MULTIPOD environment. An issue was identified where the job's scanning process of all folders, sub-folders, and files from the data source resulted in high memory and RAM usage, causing performance issues and potential downtime.

            To resolve this issue, an additional checkbox option is introduced that allows clients to selectively choose folders and subfolders. This enhancement reduces the number of iterations required by the job, relieving strain on the OpenShift MULTIPOD environment.


          • For the Power BI connector, users encountered issues with queries. Specifically, there were problems with the lineage display and table column mapping. These issues have been resolved and the lineage is now accurately displayed, and the table column mapping has been corrected. This improvement ensures a more accurate and seamless experience when working with Power BI queries.

          • During the process of building lineages for Power BI reports, users encountered an error in the job logs indicating a "String out of index" error. This issue has been resolved and users can now build lineages for Power BI reports without errors.

          • During the profiling of the Delta Lake connector, users encountered an issue caused by nested schemas. This problem hindered table crawling and profiling. This issue has been resolved and users can now successfully crawl and profile tables using the Delta Lake connector. 

          • For the SISENSE connector, users encountered errors while crawling report groups. This issue has been resolved and users can now successfully crawl report groups without errors.

          • During the process of correcting a query and rebuilding a lineage in SSRS SQL, users encountered an issue where the changes were not applied as expected. The corrected query was not picked up, and the status did not update correctly in the Build Auto Lineage. This issue has been resolved. With the latest update, corrected queries are now picked up correctly, and the status updates accordingly in the Build Auto Lineage. 

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