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OvalEdge Release6.0.2.2 is a hotfix release that includes improvements to the Advanced Jobs and Connectors modules.

In this release, the critical and significant bugs associated with the Tags, Data Catalog Business Glossary, Data Stories, Advanced Tools, and Administration modules are fixed and working as expected.

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Hotfix Release



17 March 2023


  • Advanced Tools | API

    • The Business Glossary API GET Parameters and Response have been enhanced to include the Domain (Optional) and IncludeRelationData fields (Mandatory) to retrieve exact term details. Also, the Owner, Custodian, Gov 4,5,6, and Related Objects are included in the response.

  • Administration | Connectors

    • Structured File Connector (SFC) is a new RDBMS-based connector developed by OvalEdge, that uses Java rt.jar to connect to the file system data source, and allows users to crawl tables from .XML files.

    • OvalEdge's existing connectivity with the Tableau Online and Tableau Public data sources are updated by adding the required latest Tableau version 2022.4 files in the backend with Rest API 3.18.

  • Administration | Advanced Jobs
    • The "JD Edward advanced job" is enhanced by mapping JSON format long descriptions to Custom Fields instead of Business Descriptions.
    • A new Advanced Job  'Load Metadata Download' has been added to download multiple data object template(s) (Templates with data) in bulk. 
      • Attribute1: Enter the data object type separated by a comma. Example: oetable, glossary, oechart, oecolumns, oechartchild, oetags, user, roles.
      • Attribute2: Enter the file download path to store the downloaded file. 

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this release, and the application is working as expected.

  1. Tags
    In the Tags > Associations > Business Glossary > Term > Associated Data, when the user clicks on the Schema name, the user is taken to the Schemas Tab with no data objects associated. Now that the issue has been resolved, users are directed to the correct tab which has a count for the data object.
  2. Data Catalog
    In the Data Catalog | Configure View | The Code Custom Field search filter was not functional when code custom fields were added to the tabular plugin using Configure view.
  3. Business Glossary
    In Business Glossary | List View | Term Summary | Manage Data Association, the 'Copy title to catalog' and 'Copy business description to catalog' options are not working. This issue has now been resolved, and the selected associations are applied to the Term data objects.
  4. Data Stories
    In Data Stories, the application was stuck while adding tables and formatting options to a data story. But now this issue is fixed and the application is working as expected.
  5. Advanced Tools
    1. In Load Metadata from Files, when users attempted to update the Technical Description using the Table Column template, the details were not reflected. This issue is resolved and the technical description details are being updated.
    2. In the API, earlier, when searching for tags using Tag/Object IDs, Null Values were appearing, but now that issue has been resolved, the Parent - Child Tags associated with the Tag/Object IDs are visible.
  6. Administration
    1. In the Security | Database Security, after adding permission to a database, users were unable to delete it.
    2. In the Service Desk Template, when cloning the Term Request template or New Asset Creation Template, a few mandatory field details such as Table Name/Term Name were missing.
    3. In the Custom Fields, when users add Global Custom Fields to tables, business glossaries, files, and reports, they were being deleted.
  7. Connectors
    1. In the Connectors, after crawling the PowerBI Reports, the system was unable to retrieve data related to PowerBI Reports such as measure values (M Codes) and data analysis expressions (DAXs) and display them in the Data Catalog > Reports.
    2. In the Connectors, after crawling PowerBI Reports the details were unable to fetch to the OvalEdge application and resulting in the lineage building failures.
    3. For the SSIS connector, the lineage diagram was displaying duplicate data flows.
    4. For the SSIS connector, the column lineage graph is getting displayed with duplicate source columns and inappropriate source details.
    5. For the SQL Server connector, the lineage was getting built using some extra tables that are unavailable in the SQL server.
    6. The Databricks connector failed to parse a few Notebooks, resulting in lineage building failures.
    7. For the Data Lake connector, the null point issue was occurring while editing the connection.

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