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OvalEdge Release6.0.2.1 is a hotfix release that includes improvements to the Projects, Business Glossary, and Connectors modules.

In this release, the critical and significant bugs associated with the Tags, Business Glossary, Advanced Tools, and Administration modules are fixed and working as expected.

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Hotfix Release



06 March 2023


Business Glossary

  • In Business Glossary | List View | Term Summary, the Qualifies and Is Qualified By options are newly added in the related object parameters used for Data Quality.
  • In Business Glossary | List View | Term Summary, after applying the Manage Data Association options and reverting the changes, the revert action was not happening. Now, it is fixed so that the associations will be reverted when the user reverts the changes.


  • The Projects module is improvised with the following features.
    • In Projects Board View | Edit Object Status | Edit Task Notes, a new tab (Notes) is newly implemented where users can add the task notes and view the task notes history.
    • In Projects Board View | Edit Object Status | Edit Task Notes, the Comment field is now available for all the project status types.
    • In the Project Board View,  users can clear the advanced search filter using the clear button available in the advanced search pop-up window.
    • In the Comments and Edit Task Notes fields, users can tag a user using @ annotation.
    • In the Business Glossary, after adding a term to the Default Project, users can now view the status of the default project from the Business Glossary itself by hovering over the project name.

My Resources

  • In My Resources | Inbox, the 'Project Alerts' tab is newly added to display the notifications related to project assignments. These notifications alert users of changes and receive the most recent information.


  • The properties of the Delta Lake connector are enhanced to fetch the nested schemas available in Delta Lake and display them in the OvalEdge application.
    To achieve this, the 'Database Type' option is newly added in the manage connection pop-up window, where users can select the database type as 'Unity Catalog' and enter the other required details to fetch the nested schemas.


  • In Business Descriptions, Technical Descriptions, and Collaboration messages, the "@" functionality mentions a specific person or team within a description or conversation. It alerts them and directs their attention to the message.
  • The Limits API is now replaced with the Count API to provide the user the row count information regarding a Salesforce object without system-level permission.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this release, and the application is working as expected.

  • Tags
    In Tags, users could not view all child tags under a parent tag. When the user clicks on See All, only a few tags are displayed.
  • Business Glossary
    In the Business Glossary | Terms, the public user with meta-write access could not delete the term. Instead of an error message, it was redirecting to the job page and displaying the error in the job logs.   
  • Advanced Tools
    In Advanced Tools | Load Metadata from Files, when users try to update the term classification and detailed description of a term using the Business Glossary template, the details are not reflected in the application.
  • Administration
    In Administrator | Configurations, after updating the configuration value, the Last Updated By and Updated On details were not displayed on the application until the user refreshed the page. Now it is improvised to display the 'Last Updated By' and 'Updated On' details as soon as the user updates the Configuration value.
  • Connectors
    The Looker connector failed to parse a few queries, resulting in lineage building failures.

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