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The OvalEdge Release6.0.1 is a minor release that improves the Data Catalog and ServiceDesk usability. This release contains Improvement, Tasks, and Known Issues.

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18 January 2023


Service Desk UI/UX 

In Service Desk, the existing feature of creating a new service request is enhanced by displaying predefined templates from OvalEdge. Whenever the New Service Request button is clicked, a list of all the existing templates in the OvalEdge application is displayed. Users can search for the desired template using the search option.

In addition, when a service request template is selected, all mandatory fields associated with that template, such as Summary, Priority, Select Table, etc., are displayed to the user. If a user selects multiple objects based on grouping, multiple service requests are created with information provided in the mandatory fields for each data object selected. 

Data Type Size

In the Data Catalog > Tables > Table Columns, the ‘Data Type Size’ column is newly added to display the length of column types such as Integer, Varchar, Date String, and Float. 


Deep Analysis & Compare Schema

The user interface is improvised with the additional label of

  • Refresh: To refresh the generated results. 
  • Status: It will display the latest status of the job executed.
  • Schema Selected: It will display when one or more schemas are selected. 

Similarly, Compare Schema User Interface is improvised with additional Refresh and Status labels.

Known Issue  

Chrome Extension 

A blank data quality request form appears when a user raises a data quality service request using the Search and Report extension icons in the Chrome Extension.

  • Search icon:  In the Chrome Extension > Search > Data tab, whenever the user selects a data object to raise a Data Quality Request, a blank screen is displayed, and the user cannot raise a Data Quality Service request for the selected data object. 
  • Report icon: In the Chrome Extension > Report, whenever the user clicks on the Report extension to raise a data quality request, a blank screen is displayed, and the user cannot report Data Quality Service Request for a context URL.  

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