OvalEdge Security

Release5.1 License Types

Release5.1 Onwards

License Types:

Package Types: 1/2/3

  • 1-Essential
  • 2-Professional
  • 3-Ultimate

Customer Information:

  • Customer Name
  • Email

User Types:

  • Author & Analytical User 
  • Business User


  • Standard Connectors
  • Auto Lineage Connectors

In the OvalEdge 5.1, while creating the new license the following customer information, license type, and number of users using the application details are required for generating a license key.


The main difference between 5.0 and 5.1 is merging Author and Reader to User.

Now Author+Reader will become User and Reader Preview is been renamed to Business User.

Author + Reader = Author & Analytical User

Reader Preview = Business User

This will work with the existing 5.0 license key also. It will add the author and reader in User.

The connector count validation will work with one IP per connection. If we are creating multiple connections from the same IP. Those will count as 1.

The admin user will be excluded from the user count and RFconnection, and the temp connection will be excluded from the connector count.

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