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Release 5.0.7

About OvalEdge 5.0.7

The OvalEdge 5.0.7 is the latest release improvised with an Advanced Job Enhancement, Fetch Query Log and builds lineage function, and Term API Enhancements.

In this release, the critical and major bugs associated with the following Audit Crawler, Audit Navigator, Connector | Looker, PowerBI, SqlServer, SSRS, Oracle Load Metadata from Files, and Associate Schema are fixed and working as expected.

Release Type                                                   Release Date

Service  Release                                            30 June, 2021

New Features

  • Advanced Job Enhancement based on connectors
    Enhancements on LoadDatasetSourceCodeNames advance Job by bringing data based on connectors
    • Modify header's format as per the existing connectors template ( exclude - ObjectName,JobType,ObjectConnection,ObjectSchema,line).
    • Disable the clearing of data from data details table for LoadDatasetSourceCodeNames & LoadDatasetSourceCodeNamesByConnectors advance jobs.
    • Add impact analysis id as input for LoadDatasetSourceCodeNamesByConnectors advance job for detailing.
  • Fetch query logs and build lineage function
    Fetch query logs and build lineage function are controlled by the crawling settings. The crawler setting is configured as “Enabled” or “Disabled”. By default it is disabled.
  • Implementation of role-based access through the application module
    Role-based access through the application module is implemented. This provides restriction to access to Navigator connection.
  • AI Recommendations
    Recommendation results are improved by deciding on weightage configuration between data asset name, pattern, and values. Application configuration [33-33-34] should have an option for the user to set the values.
  • Term API Enhancements

    • Provided an API to determine the terms that are assigned to an object.

    • Provided an API to find all objects that have been assigned a term.

  • Query API Enhancements

    • GET /API/schema/{schemaId}/queries à returns all queries in a given schema.

    • GET /API/query/{queryId} à returns query details.

    • POST /API/query/{queryId} update query.

  • API

    • API is provided for removing tags/terms for associated objects.

  • Optimization of sample profiling across RDMS
    There is a job parameter configuration key “oval edge. sample profile. row size”. It specifies how many rows are to be fetched at a single query for sample profiling. If row size is configured as 5000. It will fetch 5000 rows of a column at each hit until it matches the sample profiling row count in connection settings. This is only for sample profiling.
  • Cloudera Navigator
    Cloudera Navigator crawling optimization for audit records.
  • Build Lineage
    The query Id search option is added and used to search a query based on the ID number of a query. Similarly, the query name search option is also added in the Build Lineage screen.
  • Lineage Enhancement
    Particular procedures or functions used inside a function need to be mapped to those functions in the association tab, this has been provided in Lineage.
  • Data Catalog | Synonyms tab
    In the data catalog as tables and views are provided similarly Synonyms are created at the time of Crawling. Synonym tab is added in Data catalog User Interface.

Bug Fixes

  1. Audit Crawler - Deletion of sample crawler connection was not reflected in audit crawler. Now it is fixed and working as expected.
  2. Audit Navigator - Audit Navigator UI design changes Implemented.
  3. Connector | Looker - In Looker Connector Lineage was not building after correcting the failed query, it is solved and now working as expected.
  4. Connector | Looker - In Looker Connector error while building Auto Lineage for Looker with a Big Query is resolved.
  5. Advance Tools | Load Metadata from Files - There was an issue in uploading a file to “Load Metadata from Files” which is now working as expected.
  6. Connector | PowerBI - Fixed getting default type as PAGE while opening the PowerBI Reports we make it empty.
  7. Connector | S3 - Connector S3 top values are fixed and now able to see pop up and data.
  8. Connector | SqlServer - In SQL Server Connector error occurred as profiling failed for some tables has been resolved.
  9. Connector | Oracle - In Oracle Connector Sample Profiling error due to binary is working as expected.
  10. Service desk - In a service desk, a page request is created and approved without any error.
  11. Connector | SSRS - In SSRS Connector, users can view the Lineage for SSRS reports.
  12. Projects | Associate Schema - Associate Schema displays the search option for Database Column and Schema Column. Users can search in Associate Schema by entering database and schema and then click on the Save button to add this Schema.

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