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Release 5.0.5

About OvalEdge 5.0.5

The OvalEdge 5.0.5 is the latest release improvised with Crawler Option to crawl the data in the Delta Crawl format, updated the changes in the Business Glossary, Administration Security, Data Catalog, and Report pages. It is also implemented with the advanced jobs to assign exact License Type for user connection and role.

Release Type                                                   Release Date

Service  Release                                            16 June, 2021

New Features

  • Delta Crawl

    The Crawler Information Settings is enhanced by including the additional Crawler Option as Delta Crawl to crawl the data in the Delta Crawl format similar to the Reports.

  • Business Glossary
     In the Business Glossary -> Summary page a new heading “Data Associations” is provided.
  • Administration| Security | Table Columns |
    In the Table Columns, when the user clicks on the Column Name and edits the Title then the Popularity, Importance, Column Position, Display Eligibility Title associated with the Column get updated automatically.
  • Advance Job
    The advanced job is improvised to assign an exact License Type for user connection and role.
  • Service Desk
    The change requests from UWM related to the Crawl/Profile is implemented.
  • Data Catalog | Queries|
    Now, the application is blocking security settings to exclude Query Results and Visualization for users in the OE_PUBLIC role (we do not want just anyone to run queries against our production DBs). However, when the user is signed with just the OE_PUBLIC role the respective user will be able to run queries just as an admin would do.
  • Metadata Change and Data Change
    Moved Metadata changes and data changes tabs to Advance tools
  • Security
    When the user clicks on Update Roles, the Radio buttons need to be disabled based on the License Types like how it is displaying in the Manage Roles.
  • Display the Database/Connection name from which the reports are displayed
    We have displayed the Database/connection name from which the reports are displayed. In cases where there are two BI servers connected where they have the same report groups in two servers.
  • UI Improvement in the Report page
    Increased widths and removed top values for report columns.
  • Provided an API's For removing tags/terms for associated objects.
  • Added a certified check for Business Glossary Association.
  • Business Glossary can have multiple data associated with it, but if the data governance team wants to certify some data element, they can certify it. They can certify multiple data elements.
  • Getting the Associations for the query in the Lineage
    Earlier, if we have a query in the query associations we are not getting it in the lineage. Now we have added them.

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