Connectivity Summary

Qlik Sense allows you to create interactive reports and dashboards with clear charts and graphs. Data analysis is simplified for faster business decisions. In the OvalEdge application, the Qliksense Connector is used for crawling and lineage building. 


To use the connector, the following prerequisites are needed:

  • Install Node server: This will be used by OvalEdge to connect to the QlikSense engine. Please contact the OvalEdge team for the installation package. Use the node server to connect to the QlikSense engine and get the remote details.
  • Service account with the read privilege.

Connector Capabilities

The connector capabilities are shown below:


Please see this article Crawling Data, for more details on crawling. Supported objects for Crawling are:

Feature Supported Objects Remarks
Crawling Reports QVD Builder / Presentation Layer reports
Report Columns  


There is no profiling as we are not supporting profiling for report frameworks.

Lineage Building

  • How does OvalEdge fetch lineage information:

    • Presentation Layer Apps: By using an Application's log file, OvalEdge finds the QVD Builders and their L1 and L2 applications. 
    • QVD Builder: By using an Application's log file, OvalEdge finds the sources of a resident table.
Lineage Entities Details

Report  lineage


Report Column lineage


Lineage Sources

QVD Builders, Tables 

Connection Details

The following connection settings should be added for connecting to a Qlik Sense:

  • Database Type: QlikSense
  • Connection Name: Select a Connection name for the Qlik Sense. You specify a reference name to identify your Qlik Sense connection in OvalEdge easily.
    Example: Qlik Sense Connection
  • QlikSense User Id: QlikSense user id
  • QlikSense User Directory: QlikSense Repository directory
  • QlikSense User Password: Password
  • QlikSense Port: Port that which QlikSense server engine is using
  • QlikSense Certs Path: Certs path to connect the engine
  • Logs Path: Logs path where all the QlikSense logs stored
  • XML files generation path: Path to generate source info  xmls for each remote app from the node server
  • Path to store QVDS: Path to copy remote QVDs into the ovaledge server box
  • QVDs Path:  The path in QlikSense where QVDs  exists

Once connectivity is established, additional configurations for Crawling and Profiling can be specified.

Crawler Options


To fetch only reports(By default)

Report Columns

To fetch the report column(Need to check while crawling)

Profile Options

No profile Option

Crawler Rules


Include Report Regex

Includes only reports that match regex with the report name

Exclude Report Regex

Excludes reports which match regex with the report name