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Product Releases Overview

Product Release Types

The following are the release types at OvalEdge:

Release Type

Version Notation


Major Release


Example: Release 5.0, Release 6.0

This release includes the important new features that impact the usage and business of the product, and/or major architectural changes in the platform. In addition, it may include other minor enhancements and bug fixes. It is generally released every 10 – 12 months.

Minor Release


Example: Release 5.1, Release 5.2

This release includes significant features added or enhancements to existing modules targeting new business use cases. It is generally released for every quarter on average.

Service Release


Example: Release 5.1.1, Release 5.1.2

This release is primarily focused on bug fixes and minor enhancements that need to be addressed quickly. It is generally released every week on average.

Hotfix Release


Example: Release, Release

This release is performed to accommodate urgent feature improvements requested by customers, customizations specifically for a customer, and in some cases, issues blocking the usage of a feature. In general, it is released on an ad-hoc basis and will be merged into the mainstream releases listed above at the earliest possible time.

OvalEdge Releases Summary

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