Rest API 5.0


OvalEdge is a data catalog which creates a comprehensive compilation of all the data sources in an organization for better access and analysis of data. OvalEdge provides role-based access to tiered users of the application supporting a variety of authentication mechanisms from usernames and passwords to more complicated Active Directory or OKTA security measures. For OKTA, OvalEdge uses SAML protocol for Single Sign On into the application. You can use OKTA for authentication and add an additional authorization feature.

Accessing OE Catalog via Rest API

SWAGGER Extension to preview Rest API.



  • The Rest-API in OvalEdge has been protected by the user/password authentication.
  • The API is only available for the user with the role of OE_ADMIN.
  • The userid and password are validated against the users defined in the OE database.
  • Get APIs will be made available to all the user ids as per the client needs.

Custom Fields

  • OvalEdge has a concept of custom fields where users can add more metadata other than the fields that have been defined in our database.
  • The custom fields can only be defined at the connection level.
  • There are custom fields defined both at the Table Level and Column Level.