Authentication Setup

OvalEdge Open Authorization Setup Guide


Open Authorization is a standard designed to allow a website or an application to access resources hosted by other web apps on behalf of a user.


This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to set up open authorization to access OvalEdge Application.

Step-by-Step Process

The following steps must be completed to successfully establish authorization to access OvalEdge.

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal and select “App registrations”.
  2. Click on “+ New registration
  3. Enter the name & Supported account types in the “Redirect URI” dropdown please select “Web”, and then enter the  Redirect URI as "https://<domainname>/ovaledge/oauth2/code/azure" and click on Register.

  4. After clicking on the “Register” new app registration will be created successfully. Then navigate to the app registry created earlier and click on Overview, then the “Client id” and “Tenant id” will be displayed. 
  5. Then click on “Certificates & secrets”, select “Client secrets”, then click on “+New client secret”, enter the required information, and click on “Add”.
  6. Then copy the value and use it as the client's secret. 
    Add Tenant Id, Client Id, and Client Secret in the as shown below<clientId><clientSecret><tenantID>
  7. Enable OAuth2 Authentication via tomcat configuration in as shown below.

  8. Then start the tomcat

    Note: Please enable HYBRID in the OvalEdge configuration ovaledge.saml.type (under SSO TAB) before enabling Oauth2 (Roles will be maintained from the OvalEdge)

  9. Then go to the browser and access the oval edge URL then click on “Log in With Azure
  10. Please enter the sign-in details to log in to OvalEdge using Oauth2.