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OvalEdge is a data catalog that comprehensively composes all the data sources in an organization for better data access and analysis. OvalEdge provides role-based access to tiered application users, supporting various authentication mechanisms from usernames and passwords to more complicated Active Directory or OKTA security measures. For OKTA, OvalEdge uses SAML protocol for Single Sign On into the application. You can use OKTA for authentication and add an additional authorization feature.

Steps to navigate to OvalEdge API services

  1. Navigate to Advanced Tools > API
  2. Click on the OvalEdge APIs tile; it will navigate you to the OvalEdge API screen consisting of Server, Authorize button, and a list of API services.

Accessing OE Catalog via Rest API

SWAGGER Extension to preview Rest API.


Authentication Process

The Rest-API in OvalEdge has been protected by user/password authentication. The API is only available for the user with the role of OE_ADMIN. The userid and password are validated against those defined in the OE database. Get APIs will be available to all the user ids per client needs.

The authentication process is accomplished in two ways:

  1. Basic Authentication: The basic authorization will validate the username and password authorized to access the OvalEdge API
    Steps for Basics Authentication:
    1. Navigate to the Advanced Tools > OvalEdge APIs
    2. Click on the Authorize button
    3. Enter the username and password 
    4. Click on the Authorize button 
    5. Click on the Close button when the user is authorized.  

      Note: When the username provided is not authorized, it will show the Log out button, close the window and navigate to the OvalEdge API home screen. 
  2. Bearer Token: The Bearer authorization will validate the bearer token for the OKTA user.
    Steps for Bearer Token:
    1. Navigate to the Advanced Tools > OvalEdge APIs
    2. Click on the Authorize button
    3. Enter the Bearer token generated from Postman. 
    4. Click on the Authorized button to validate

    The List of OvalEdge API Services


    OvalEdge API Services



    Axiomatics Payload Service

    Payload structure for the external request raised by the OvalEdge users for Axiomatics. 


    Bridge Service

    It allows connecting OvalEdge on the cloud with your on-premises data sources without firewall changes. 


    Column Service

    Each Table has a number of columns; users can add multiple columns, get column by Id and get columns by table via the following API


    Connection Service

    OvalEdge Supports two types of connections:

    Managed Connection

    Where crawling and profiling of data is done via OvalEdge

    Manual Connection

    Used to load catalogs into OvalEdge, where a direct connection to the client system is not supported. The connection will be set up by the Admin via the application interface. This API will expose all the connections defined in the application. We restrict the ability to add new connections into OvalEdge via API.


    Custom field

    OvalEdge has a concept of custom fields where users can add more metadata than the fields defined in our database.

    The custom fields can only be defined at the connection level.

    There are custom fields defined both at the Table Level and Column Level.


    DQR (Data Quality Rule) Service

    This service contains a set of APIs that are used to create Data Quality Rules, Update and Delete existing Data Quality Rules, and Run the rules. This service deals with related APIs.



    This API consists of all the service names considered under one parent tag. It has an API listing for all service names.


    File Column Service

    Each File contains no. of file columns. This service deals with File Column related APIs.


    File Folder Service

    A file Folder is a collection of Files. You can crawl files and organize them in File Folders in the OvalEdge application.


    File Service

    Each File Folder contains no. of Files. This service deals with File related APIs


    Impact Analysis

    This API is used to retrieve all the impacted objects that are performed in Impact Analysis



    This API consists of Advanced job details, the status of jobs, and updated details using the job id.


    Lineage Service

    Lineages are built in the OvalEdge application, where we can investigate data movement and flow from source to destination (one or more). This service deals with related APIs.



    This service contains a set of APIS to send or post messages to other users



    This API service adds new queries or updates existing query details.


    Report Group Service

    Reports are crawled in the OvalEdge Application. Those are associated with Report Groups based on the tool/type of reports crawled. This service deals with Report Group-related APIs.


    Report Service

    Each Report Group contains no. of Reports which have been crawled. This service deals with Report-related APIs

    Report Column Service: Each Report contains no. of Report Columns that have been crawled and profiled. This service deals with Report Columns-related APIs.


    Schema Service

    Each connection has schemas associated with it in OvalEdge. Bringing the catalog data into OvalEdge via API should start with creating a new schema for the manual connection.


    Search Service

    This API gives you the search list for the given term across OvalEdge. There is an option to display the results based on a specific search like table, column, chart, story, file, query, or schema.



    This service has an API to delete the roles



    This API adds given stories under the story zone specified in the path. It also has an API to update the stories.


    Global Domain

    This service contains a set of APIS that is used to get OvalEdge domains and categories,


    Table Service

    Each Schema has a number of tables; users can add multiple tables, get tables by Id, and get tables by schema via the following API


    Tag Service

    This API consists of some tags-related operations (add/assign/search/update)


    Term Service

    This API is used to Add/Search/Assign terms based on object types available API’S



    This service contains a set of APIS used to add or save service desk tickets.


    User Service

    This service provides all existing and new users of OvalEdge with their roles and the following operations through the API

    API Services Technical Document

    For more information on the OvalEdge API services, See OvalEdge API Services.

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