Connectivity Summary

By using Looks source code information, finding the data sources of a report and connecting those data sources to the Looks and their original source tables. Lineage is built only for reports of type Looks.

Connector Capabilities

The connector capabilities are shown below:


Supported objects for Crawling are:

  • Folders
  • Dashboards
  • Looks
  • Dashboard Tiles
  • Looks Columns
  • Tile Columns

Please see this article Crawling Data for more details on crawling.


There is no profiling as we do not support profiling for reporting frameworks.

Lineage Building

Lineage Entities Details

Report  lineage


ReportColumn lineage


Lineage Sources



To use the connector, the following need to be available:

  • Connection details as specified in the following section should be available.
  • Service account with read privileges.

Connection Details

The following connection settings should be added for connecting to a Looker database:


  • Database Type: Looker
  • Connection Name: Select a Connection name for the Looker. The name that you specify is a reference name to easily identify your Looker connection in OvalEdge. Example:Looker Connection
  • Host Name: Looker server url
  • Client Id: Provide Looker Client Id
  • Client Secret: Provide Looker Client Secret
  • Connection String

Once connectivity is established, additional configurations for Crawling and Profiling can be specified.


Property Details

Crawler Options


To fetch only reports(By default)

Report Columns

To fetch report column(Need to check while crawling)

Profile Options

No profile Option

Crawler Rules

Include Report Regex

Includes only reports which matches regex with report name

Exclude Report Regex

Excludes reports which matches regex with report name

Points to note

Viewer Permission is needed to crawl the reports and data sources.