Lineage Maintenance

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Advanced Tools 🡪 Lineage Maintenance 🡪 Select Object Type, Database, Schema & Table. Once the details are provided, we get filter to add Source & Target objects as shown below:

  2. Once the source & target objects are provided, click on ‘View’ to see the lineage built.
    Example: The following figure displays a sample destination lineage modification to a selected table EmailAddress.

Additional Functions For Adding Lineage

There are three additional functions that can be performed in adding lineage to source or destination.

  1. Select a lineage and click   dots and select the required options.

  2. Click on Edit query for editing through and save.


  3. Click Edit Transformation Notes for adding any information for editing the query.


Add/Edit Column Info 

  • Use this function to add and edit the column mapping for the selected object in source and destination. 


  • Click on Mapping Column via AI for mapping the columns.


  • Map column as required and save.