Installing Elasticsearch on Container Systems


This document outlines step-by-step instructions, to ensure a successful installation and configuration of Elasticsearch within containers. 

To install Elasticsearch in a container-based system follow the provided steps:

Step#1: Download Deployment Files:

Download the ES-Deployment.yaml and ES-Service.yaml files from the provided links.

ES-Deployment.yaml S3 link


ES-Service.yaml S3 link


Step#2: Add Deployment Files to Helm Chart:

Add the downloaded deployment files (ES-Deployment.yaml and ES-Service.yaml) to your Helm chart. You can place them in the appropriate directory within your chart structure.

Update the Elasticsearch details in values.yaml file as shown in the above Screenshot.

Step#3: Deploy:

Deploy Elasticsearch using Helm with the added deployment files.

Step#4: Check Status:

After deployment, check the status of Elasticsearch using the provided health check 

URL http://<dns>/health/es/status

Replace <dns> with the appropriate DNS or IP address where Elasticsearch is deployed.

Note: If the Elasticseach configured as EFS then refer to the EFS document