Installation of OvalEdge Application on Windows 2019

The OvalEdge application can be accessed with the regular user credentials provided by the OvalEdge administrator team.

To access the OvalEdge application through URL, complete the following tasks:

  1. Install Java 8
  2. Install MYSQL 5.7
  3. Install OvalEdge Database
  4. Install or Copy Tomcat
  5. Deploy Web Application

1. Install java 8

Download java using the below link:

Set Java Home in Environment Variables1-Mar-04-2022-11-18-11-34-AM


Set jdk and jre bins in path

2. Install MYSQL 5.7

Download Mysql 5.7 using the below link

3. Install MYSQL Server





Set Mysql bin path in Environment variables

4. Connect to MySQL

Create a database and run the OvalEdge data scripts.

Install OvalEdge Database and some .sql scripts

mysql> source D:\Data Scrips\1.database.sql

mysql>show databases;


| Database         |


| information_schema |

| mysql         |

| ovaledgedb        |

| performance_schema |

| sys               |


Now you can see the Ovaledge database is created successfully.

Run all the remaining .sql files.

5. Apache Tomcat 

Download Apache Tomcat 9 using the below link

Unzip the Tomcat file and download the OvalEdge war file and move to the below path              tomcat/webapps

Run the below startup.bat file to start Tomcat Server

Run the below shutdown.bat file to stop Tomcat Server

6. Access OvalEdge

Check the following URL on chrome to access the OvalEdge application

http://ipdaress:8080/ovaledge $ http://ipdaress:8080/ovaledge

Copyright © 2019, OvalEdge LLC, Peachtree Corners GA USA