Data Warehouse

Impala (Non-Kerberos)

Connectivity Summary

A data warehouse connector over various databases of Impala. It provides support for crawling database objects, profiling of sample data and lineage building.

The connectivity to Impala is via Impala JDBC driver, which is included in the platform. 

The connector currently supports the following versions of Impala:

Edition: Apache Impala

Version: 1.1.x and above

The drivers used by the connector are given below:

Driver / API: Impala JDBC driver

Version: 1.1.x and above (latest version is 2.6.15)

Details: Download Impala JDBC Connector 2.6.15 (Kerberos Authentication)

Connector Capabilities

The connector capabilities are shown below:


Supported objects and data types for Crawling are:

Feature Supported Objects Remarks
Crawling Tables  
Table Columns All data types in Impala

Please see this article Crawling Data for more details on crawling.


Please see Profiling Data for more details on profiling.



Table Profiling

Row count, Columns count, View sample data

Column Profiling

Min, Max, Null count, distinct, top 50 values

Full Profiling 


Sample Profiling








Not supported, by default.


Not supported, by default.


Not supported, by default.

Joins within database


Joins outside database

Not supported



Group By


Order By


By default the service account provided for the connector will be used for any query operations. If the service account has write privileges, then Insert / Update / Delete queries can be executed.


To use the connector, the following need to be available:

  • Connection details as specified in the following section should be available.
  • Service account, for crawling and profiling. The minimum privileges required are:


Access Permission

Connection validate


Crawl schemas


Crawl tables


Profile schemas, tables


Connection Details

The following connection settings should be added for connecting to an Impala database:

  • Database Type: IMPALA
  • Authentication: Non-Kerberos Authentication - Must provide SA account credentials (Username / Password)
  • Connection Name: Select a Connection name for the IMPALA database. The name that you specify is a reference name to easily identify your Impala database connection in OvalEdge. Example: Impala Connection DB1
  • Hostname / IP Address: Database instance IP address
  • Port number: 21050
  • Sid / Database: Name of the database to connect.
  • Username: User account login credential (only for Non-Kerberos Authentication)
  • Password: Password (only for NON-Kerberos Authentication)
  • Driver Name: JDBC driver name for Impala. It will be auto-populated.
    Kerberos Authentication - org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver
    Non-Kerberos Authentication - com.cloudera.impala.jdbc41.Driver
  • Connection String: Non-Kerberos connection string: Set the Connection string toggle button to automatic, to get the details automatically from the credentials provided. Alternatively, you can manually enter the string.
    Format: jdbc:impala://{server}:21050/{sid}
    Example: jdbc:impala://

Once connectivity is established, additional configurations for Crawling and Profiling can be specified.



Crawler configurations

Tables, views and Columns

If the checkbox is selected it will crawl the tables and columns in impala

Include Table


It catalogs the table based on the regex search pattern added.

Exclude Table Regex

It doesn’t catalogs the table based on the regex search pattern added.

Profiler Settings

Profile Type

Auto - Full profiling will be performed if the row count of the table is less than the row count field.

Sample - Sample profiling will be performed based on sample profile size Disabled - profiling is disabled completely 

No. of threads

No of threads used for profiling

Query Time Out

It is wait time for query response

Row count constraint

If it is checked the profiling performed based the row count limit

Profile rules

It will include/ exclude the tables to perform profiling based on the regex search pattern added.

Points to note

  • No procedures, functions, views and triggers exist for the Impala connector.
  • Lineage is not supported for Impala Connector.
  • Setup the Kerberos configuration in tomcat if using Kerberos authentication for Impala. In the tomcat bin folder create/Edit the setenv.bat ( for Linux boxes) to configure the krb5.conf file of the respective connection with below line


set"<path to krb5.conf file where application is running>\krb5.conf" 


export"<Path to krb5.conf file>/krb5.conf"       


  1. How much does the driver cost?
    The Impala JDBC Driver for IMPALA is available at no additional charge.
  2. Can I use the driver to access Impala from a Linux computer?
    Yes, you can use the driver to access Impala from Linux, Unix, and other Non-windows platforms.
  3. Which authentication types are supported by the Impala JDBC Driver for Impala?
    The table below lists available authentication options.
Platform Authentication
Non-Windows Kerberos, Non-Kerberos Authentication