How to Search?


Using Search, it is easy to get quick access to all the objects. The search scope includes the following objects:

  1. Data Catalog:
    • Schemas
    • Tables
    • Table Columns
    • Files
    • File Columns
    • Reports
    • Report Columns
    • Code / Queries
    • Data Movements
  2. Governance Catalog
    • Business Glossary: Domains, Categories, Sub-categories and terms
    • Projects
    • Service requests
    • Story Zone
    • Tags
It returns data object results that match the search string, either fully or partially, along with the count of each object type. 

OvalEdge supports search using two different approaches:

  1. Elastic Search: When Elastic Search is installed and configured, the search is executed using the search algorithms in ES. This is recommended for large installations.
  2. Local Search: In this mode, the search is performed in the local database, which is indexed, and results are displayed.

The total count of results is displayed in the Elastic Search approach.

Using Search

  • Enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar.
  • Select the search button to start the search.
  • The search is executed through separate calls asynchronously for each data object type and the count of objects matching each type.

The search results can be refined further:

  • Viewing results of a particular object type: Hover over a specific data object on the right and click the ONLY link to display the matching results of that object type. This will exclude the results of the other object types by unselecting them.
    • To re-include the other results again, select the Select All checkbox.
    • For Code / Queries data object type, the results are sub-categorized based on the connection names, and can be filtered for each connection.
  • Viewing results that match search input exactly: Select the Exact checkbox button on the top right corner of the page to display the exact match results. This will re-execute the search to fetch exactly matching results.
  • Viewing Certified Objects Only: Select the Certified checkbox button on the top right corner of the page to display only certified data objects matching the search input. This will re-execute the search to fetch the certified object results.

Some points to remember

  1. The default search mode is not filtered for Exact matches and Certified objects. 
  2. The search results are not case sensitive.
  3. The search results only display the data objects that the logged in user has access to.