How to schedule Crawler?

Scheduling is the process of planning activities to achieve goals and priorities. Effective scheduling can help to accomplish the priority tasks even when you are unaware of them.

In the OvalEdge application, a schedule helps you to track the jobs that are scheduled and submitted to run on a particular date and time. 

When you schedule a job workflow on the Administration > Crawler page or on the Administration > Jobworkflow page, after saving the details, you can see all the scheduled activities on the Administration > Schedule Page

You can navigate to the Schedule page via, Administration > Schedule.

Tasks Performed on Schedule

The Nine dots icon, is available on the Job Workflow page to perform the below tasks:

  • Reload Schedule: When a job is stuck, reload schedule will help start the job execution process thread by killing the current job.
  • Delete Schedule: You can delete a particular schedule using this Nine dots feature.

Steps to Reload a Schedule

When the job is stuck, you can refresh the schedule using the Reload Schedule option.

To reload a schedule:

  • Enable the check box available against the schedule on the Administration > Schedule page.
  • Click on Nine dots to display all the nine dots options.
  • Click on the Reload Schedule option. A successful message will appear on the Schedule main page.

Steps to Delete a Schedule

When the schedule is no longer applicable, you can delete the schedule using the nine dots option.

To delete a schedule:

  • Go to Administration > Schedule.
  • Select a schedule and click on the Nine Dots, which will display all the available options. 
  • Click on the Delete Schedule, and a confirmation message is displayed. 
  • Click on the Yes button if you want to delete the schedule, or else click on the No button to exit from the Delete Schedule.

Once you click Yes, you will receive a successful message, and the selected Schedule will be deleted.

Editing a Schedule

The Schedule Name on the Schedule main page is editable. You can update the Schedule Name and Scheduled time to run the job using the edit icon available on the Schedule Name column. When you hover over the Schedule Name, you will view the edit icon configured to edit the fields.

To Edit a Schedule:

  1. Go to Administration > Schedule to view the Schedule Page.
  2. Click on the Schedule Icon available on the Schedule Name Column to display the Update Corn Entry Pop-up window.

Note: On the Update Corn Entry Pop-up window, the Schedule Name and Cron Entry fields are editable. You can't edit the Class name.

  1. Click on the Schedule Name Field to update the Schedule Name.
  2. Click on the Cron Entry field to update the Scheduled time to run the Job.
  3. Click on the Save Entry button to save the details.

Note: You can change the Schedule from Active state to Passive and vice versa, using the toggle icon available on the Update Corn Entry Pop-up window.