How to calculate strength?

The strength of the relations between the primary and secondary columns can be calculated in two ways:

  1. From the nine dots to calculate the value for all the mappings all at once.
  2. By clicking the Options button and choosing "Calculate Relationship".

To calculate the strength between columns,

  • Select the Data catalog tab from the object browser. Navigate to the table search and select the table name to calculate relationships.
  • Click Nine dots and select "Calculate Relationships"  from the drop-down menu or choose a single row and select from the options.

Note: The task in the nine dots will calculate the relationships for all the displayed objects. The task in the options will calculate the relationship for the selected object.

  • A job is submitted to automatically calculate the relationships between the columns of the selected data object.                  
  • Navigate to the column Relationship window to understand the statistics between the new relation table.          

The relationship window provides certain statistics to understand the strength and quality of the relationship that exists between the primary and secondary tables.

Advanced Job to calculate strength

Job name - Calculate relationships strength

The purpose of this advanced job is to calculate the strength of all relationships within the database for those which are not created during the DB creation stage. 

Distinct count, left count, right count, join scores and similarity scores are calculated.

This job will calculate the strength of all relationships. If you want to run the algorithm only in a specific schema, then type the schema id separated by a comma in attr1

Need to Provide schema IDs, Before running advanced job need that schemas should be profiled.

See this article Introduction to data relationships, to know about various scores.