Google Chat Integration


OvalEdge supports integration with Google Chat through webhooks to receive notifications.

Google Chat - Webhooks Integration

Step 1: Create a Google Chat space to receive notifications and generate a webhook

  1. Log in to the Google Chat Application
  2. Create a New Space where the notifications should be received.
  3. Open the settings and click on the "Apps & Integrations." 
  4. Select the “Webhooks” option and click the “Add Webhooks” button. 
  5. Provide the Application's Name (Ex: OvalEdge) and an avatar URL (Avata URL), and click the Save button to create a webhook. This will appear on the notification.
  6. Click the three dots option beside the created URL to copy the webhook link.

Configure the Webhook in OvalEdge

  1. Log in to the OvalEdge application.
  2. Open profile settings by clicking the user icon at the top-right corner and selecting "My Profile."
  3. Click on the "Edit Profile" or the edit icon. Enter the webhook link in the Google Chat ID. 
  4. Click the Validate button to receive a test message in the Google Chat space, then click the Save button. 
  5. A success message will be sent to the chat if the test is successful.
  6. To receive notifications, users must select the check box next to Google Chat in their My Profile Notification settings with respect to the module. 
  7. Users will now receive application notifications from the OvalEdge application.

Note: Users can configure only one Google Chat webhook to receive notifications.  



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