Mastering Data Discovery

Efficiently Searching Data Objects in a Catalog

Article Summary  

This article provides valuable insights and guidance to beginners on effectively navigating and discovering data objects within a Data Catalog. It covers various techniques such as utilizing global search, leveraging tags, terms, and filters, bookmarking searches for quick access, and configuring search keywords. By following these techniques, users can optimize their data exploration experience and locate the relevant information they need effortlessly. 

Introduction to Data Discovery

With millions of data to search through, locating a specific data object can be a daunting task. However, once the metadata is intelligently fetched and organized into respective tabs, finding the desired data object becomes much easier. By utilizing the various filters and search fields provided in the data catalog, you can further narrow down the search results to find the exact data object being sought.


Listed below are the different ways data objects can be found in the Data Catalog:

  • Search data using different filters, search, and sorting options 
  • Data discovery using Global Search
  • Searching data objects using Tags / Terms
  • Bookmarking: Saving Search Results for Quick Access

Search Using Filters and Sorting Options

The Data Catalog's organization of data objects into specific tabs (Tables, Files, Reports, Codes) based on their object type. Additionally, the List View columns within each tab allow the user to further refine the search with filter, sort, and search options. 

  • Filter to narrow down the search results by specifying specific criteria, such as date range. 
  • Sort to arrange the results in a specific order, such as alphabetical or chronological. 
  • Search for specific data objects using keywords or phrases. 

Search Catalog

A search icon is provided next to some of the column headers to only display the records that match the search criteria. To search, simply select the search icon and type a search keyword. The respective search results are displayed for the entered search value. Optionally, you can use Advanced search.


Filter icon allows you to see the matching results based on a group of selected attributes.  The filter displays a drop-down with pre-defined filter attributes for the column. You can also search for the preferred column filter attributes using the search bar.


Sort one or more columns

Use the sort icon to arrange the data objects in  ascending or descending order. Click on the sort icon placed next to the column header to toggle between ascending and descending order.

You can sort the data objects by one or more columns. Based on the first column sorting results, the contents of the rest of the columns can be further sorted. Thus, sorting is done within the order of the first applied sorting results.

You can get an overview of the sorting filters applied to different columns from the Sorting panel enabled in the top right. You can select to remove sorting on selected columns. 

Note: Use the Reset icon to remove the applied filters.