Connector Health

Connector Health is the status based on the overall performance of a connector within an application or data integration platform. It is assessed based on factors such as success rate of data transfers, response times, error rates, and the ability to handle large volumes of data efficiently. Monitoring connector health is crucial for ensuring the smooth functioning of data pipelines and workflows.

Benefits of monitoring connector health:

  • Identify and address issues or bottlenecks that might affect data flow and data integrity.
  • Proactively manage and optimize data integration processes.
  • Ensure that data is reliably and accurately transferred between systems.

The Connectors Health in the OvalEdge application displays a clear indicator of the connection status of a connector. The Connectors Health column displays a green icon when the connection is active and a red icon when the connection is inactive. This allows users to quickly and easily identify any issues with their connectors. The Connectors Health column can be accessed from Administration > Connectors.

To view the connector health, select the desired connector from the radio buttons and click next to the status button under connector health. A new window will pop up.

Health: The status of the connector validation.

Health Check Date: The date and time of the connector validation.

Details: The details of the connector validation, such as the errors that were found.

Mode: The mode of the connector validation, such as Auto and Manual.

Validation Status

The validation status of a connector indicates the status of the connector's validation. 

  • Validated: The connector has been successfully validated and is ready to use. Stewards receive a notification when a connector is validated successfully for the first time. However, they will not receive further notifications for successful validations.

  • Not Validated: The connector has not been validated yet.

  • Validation Error: The connector validation failed due to an error. Stewards will receive a notification every time a validation fails.

Note: Manual connectors do not require connector health validation.


To ensure that connectors are always up-to-date and that data is transformed consistently, we update cron entries in the Schedule module of the OvalEdge application.

To schedule a connector health validation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administration > Schedule.

  2. In the Schedule Name field, search for Connector Health.
  3. Click on the icon located beside "Connector Health" under "Schedule Name." "Update Cron Entry" window pops up.
  4. Enter the Schedule name (Connector Health) and the Cron Entry.
  5. Click on the Save Entry button.

    When a connector validation is scheduled, it is added to the queue of scheduled validations and executed at the scheduled time. The results of the validation are displayed in the Validation Status column.

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