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Configuring Global Search Results Calculations

Article Summary

This document provides detailed information about the configuration settings available in OvalEdge Data Catalog to include or exclude synonym and popularity scores in search result calculations. The scoring system plays a crucial role in determining the relevance and ranking of search results. OvalEdge introduces new settings that allow users to customize the search result formula based on their specific requirements.


Previously, the global search results displayed relevant search results based on the formula. (Elasticsearch Score + Synonym Score) ✖ Popularity Score.

OvalEdge now provides users with the flexibility to configure search result components based on their preferences. By adjusting the settings for including or excluding synonym and popularity scores, users can fine-tune the search results to be displayed in the application.

In the OvalEdge Configuration:

Scenario 1: Both Synonym and Popularity Scores Enabled:

In this case, when the configuration settings for both ‘globalsearch.score.use.synonym’ and ‘globalsearch.score.use.popularity’ is set to true, the search results are ranked using the formula (Elasticsearch Score + Synonym Score) multiplied by Popularity Score. This ensures that search results consider Elasticsearch Score, Synonym Score, and Popularity Score, resulting in more accurate and relevant rankings.

Scenario 2: Only Synonym Score Enabled (Popularity Score Disabled):

When the configuration setting ‘globalsearch.score.use.synonym’ is set to ‘true’ and ‘globalsearch.score.use.popularity’ is set to ‘false’, the search results are scored by combining Elasticsearch Score and Synonym Score. The popularity Score is excluded from the calculation. This configuration allows for a focus on synonym matches while disregarding the popularity of search results.

Scenario 3: Only Popularity Score Enabled (Synonym Score Disabled):

If ‘globalsearch.score.use.synonym’ is set to false and ‘globalsearch.score.use.popularity’ is set to true, the search results are ranked based on Elasticsearch Score multiplied by Popularity Score. Synonym Score is not considered in this case. This configuration emphasizes the popularity of search results, ensuring that more frequently accessed or relevant items are prioritized.

Scenario 4: Both Synonym and Popularity Scores Disabled:

When both ‘globalsearch.score.use.synonym’ and ‘globalsearch.score.use.popularity’ is set to false, the search results are solely based on the Elasticsearch Score. Synonym Score and Popularity Score are not taken into account. This configuration simplifies the scoring system, focusing solely on the relevance determined by the Elasticsearch Score.

By adjusting these configuration settings, using the Administration > System Settings > Others tab, Global Search allows users to fine-tune the search result scoring mechanism to align with their specific requirements. 

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