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Compare Schema 

Compare Schema is a schema comparison tool to find the differences between two database objects. You can review the number of differences by the table column count.  It is an analysis of the attributes of tables or columns that have been modified over a certain period of time. The comparison results display the analysis of new metadata changes(table names and column counts) between the compared dates. The data object comparison result appears in tabular format. 

Steps to Compare Schemas 

  1. Navigate to Advanced Tools and select Compare Schemas.  
  2. Select the [A] source connection, the Schema, and the date
  3. Select the [B] Target connection, the Schema, and the date for the target schema to get compared.
    For Example, you can select the source connection (SQLserverj), Schema (Person), Date (2022-08-01), and in the target (SQLserver), Schema (Person), and Date (2022-08-02).    
  4. Click on the Compare Schema button. First, it will verify whether the comparison has already taken place.  If so, it will directly display the result, or else the job is submitted, and a message is displayed to you alert that the comparison is under process.  
  5. Once the job is successful, it will display results in two tabs (Column change Summary and Column Changes Details).  
  6. You can click on the Re-run button can be used to re-run the job submitted. The purpose of the Re-run button is to override the previous comparison result and fetch the latest modification made to the schema. 
  7. Column Change Summary:  The summary report displays the List of Tables, Column Change Count, and Total Count. The Column Change Count shows the total number of columns modified over a period of time. The Total Change Count shows the number of times the column has been modified over a period of time. 
  8. The comparison result shows that the schema ‘Person’ has changed from the date range of 01-09-22 to 05-09-22.
  9. Column change details:  The details report displays detailed information about the modified Schema ‘Person’. It displays the Compare ID, Table Name, Column Name, Column Type ,and Column Length from Source and Target connection. The column names are compared individually, and the changes in the column attributes are displayed.  It also displays the action date and action taken. The action of modification is Added, Deleted, and Modified. You can apply the filter option to see a record based on the type of action taken. 
  10. The comparison result shows that the schema ‘Person’ has changed with detailed analysis for the period of 01-09-22 to 05-09-22.
  11. Click on the Download button to download the comparison results in CSV format. .
  12. You can also add selected columns to Impact Analysis and check the upstream/downstream impact of changes made to the columns. For more information on how to perform impact analysis. 
    Note: The notification message is sent to the Watchlist if metadata changes occur. Here the Compare Schema is used to compare modifications that took place and display the changes in tabular format. 


You can compare Table1 existing in two different databases and schema. 

Step1: Consider the source as SQL server | CompareSchemaVinod | Table1, and the attributes are Columns, Data Type, and Length

Step 2: Consider the target as  MySQL| CompareSchemaVinod | Table1| , and the attributes are Columns, Data Type, and Length, and make the changes. 

Step 3: Result after the comparison 

Comparison Result Summary: will display the summary of the comparison. This summary result is to understand the count of columns added/modified/deleted from a table & the sum of no.of times that all such columns are modified.

The above screenshot displays the table from database [A] and the table from database [B] and its change count. 

Comparison Result Details: will give in-depth information on changes that occurred. Here, you can identify columns that are added/modified/deleted and how many times a column is modified, i.e., nothing but the history of the changes.

The above screenshot displays the Comparison ID, Details from Table A, and Details from Table B.

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