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Compare Profile Results

While cataloging the data, users need the ability to see how the data changes from one profiling session to another. Compare Profile Results module allows the user to compare two data tables between different profile periods to report the modifications in:

  • Column Names
  • Column Properties
  • Column Attributes
  • Column Statistics

The changes between the compared tables appear in a grid and are highlighted for easy review. The count of the data changes, such as null count, distinct count, top values, and minimum and maximum values, are listed on this page.  Additionally, changes in the popularity and importance scores of the compared tables are displayed for reference. See Understanding Data Profiling for more information on the popularity/Importance score.

How to Compare two data tables

  1. Navigate to the Administration > Advanced tool and select Compare profile results.
  2. Select the Source connection, Schema, and Table, and choose a (date or latest option) for the source primary table.
  3. Select the Target Connection, Schema, Table, and choose a  (date or latest option) for the secondary table to be compared.
  4. Click Compare Dataset.

When you click on the compare datasets, results from the comparison are displayed in a tabular format having two columns, details of Source to the left and Target to the right. The column names are compared individually, and the changes in the column attributes are displayed. 

It will give comparison details between the two profile dates.  

  • Profile date: It will display the previous and latest date selected to compare
  • Row count: It will display the row count updated during the profiling
  • Popularity: It will display popularity updated during the profiling
  • Importance:  It will display popularity updated during the profiling

The tabular result will display the following: 


Result Column



Column Position

It is the order of a column in that table. There are 3 rows in the source column and 4 in the Target column details. The difference between the two columns is highlighted. 


Column Name

It displays the column names from both the schema/table. 


Column Type

It describes the data types (VARCHAR, INT)


Statistical Information

Top Value, Null Count, Distinct Count, minimum, and maximum value.


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