Cloudera Navigator

Connectivity Summary

Cloudera Navigator console audits includes events collected by Cloudera Manager:

  • Service lifecycle events: activate, create, delete, deploy, download, install, start, stop, update, upgrade etc.
  • User security related events: add / delete user, login fail / success

OvalEdge will make a request to the Cloudera navigator using Rest API.

We are currently making the calls to get audit events for:

    1. Hive
    2. Impala
    3. HBase
    4. HDFS

Technical Details

  • Cloudera Navigator is connected to OvalEdge application through REST API.
  • GET operation is used to get the audit events from Cloudera navigator.
  • Audits can be Searched / Filtered by date based on the requirement.


To implement a connection to your Cloudera Navigator from OvalEdge, you must have the following:

  • An Admin / Service account with access
  • Connection details as specified in the below section should be available.

Connection Details

When you set up a Cloudera Navigator connection, you must configure the connection properties. The following are the Cloudera Navigator connection properties:

  • Database Type – Cloudera Navigator
  • License Type - Standard (by default)
  • Connection Name * : Select a Connection name for the Cloudera Navigator. The name that you specify is a reference name to easily identify the connection in OvalEdge.
    Example: Navigator Source OE
  • Cloudera Navigator URL * : IP Address / URL with port
  • Username * : User account login username
    Password * : User account login password
  • Connection Id: 
    • HDFS - Connection Id of crawled HDFS connection in OvalEdge
    • HBase  - Connection Id of crawled HBase connection in OvalEdge
    • Hive - Connection Id of crawled HBase connection in OvalEdge
    • Impala - Connection Id of crawled HBase connection in OvalEdge

Once the connectivity is established, we can now access the Navigator Audit Events from OvalEdge.

    When the following details are provided, 

      1. Connection Id's of HDFS / HBase / Hive / Impala and
      2. Connectors are crawled 
    we can navigate to respective Schema / Table from live audits integrated into OvalEdge.


    1. How many events will be shown by default?
      Last 1 hour audits will be shown by default.
    2. What are the Navigator API versions supported by OvalEdge?
      Supported versions: 5.0 onwards
    3. Can we still access the audit events if we change the password in Cloudera Navigator?
      No, connection must be re-validated with the appropriate credentials to access the audit events. 
    4. Does OvalEdge store the audit events?
      OvalEdge does not store any audit events, we are having only a live API call.