Connectivity Summary

An out of the box connector is available for Alteryx. It provides support for crawling datasets i.e. dataflows, datasets, and lineage building.

The connectivity to Alteryx is via Created Workflow Files from Alteryx Studio, which is included in the platform. Alteryx Studio is a windows application.

Windows Machine Requirements

Machine Requirements Minimum: 64-bit High Performance: 64-bit
OS Requirements Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)
Chip Quad Core (single chip) Quad Core (single chip)
Processor 2.5GHz or Faster 2.5GHz or Faster
Disk Size 500GB - 1TB 500GB - 1TB


The connector currently supports the following versions of Alteryx:

Edition: Alteryx Version

Version: Default version supported

Connector Capabilities

The connector capabilities are shown below:


Supported objects for Crawling are:

Supported Objects Remarks

Kept Alteryx as static Schema. Get the workflow files from specified path

Providing the files as datasets and source code

Please see this article Crawling Data for more details on crawling. 

Lineage Building

Lineage Entities Details

Table-File Lineage


File - Table Lineage


Column lineage- File Column Lineage



To use the connector, the following need to be available:

  • Connection details as specified in the following section should be available.
  • A service account, for crawling . The minimum privileges required are:
Operation Access Permission

Connection validate

Should have permission for the specified path

Crawl Files(only with extension of .yxdb) with source code as data sets

Should have permission for the specified folder

Connection Details

The following connection settings should be added for connecting to an Alteryx:

  • Database Type: Alteryx
  • License Type: Standard or Auto Lineage
  • Connection Name: Select a Connection name for the Alteryx. The name that you specify is a reference name to easily identify the Alteryx connection in OvalEdge.
    Example: Alteryx_dev
  • Type of Path: Specify the local directory path 
  • File Path: Specify the local directory path(where ovaledge application is deployed) workflows are located.
  • Server: IP address of an instance

Points to note

  • Only with the extension of file with .yxdb will get crawled. 
  • Every node in the source code represents one component either source or target component (in OvalEdge, treating them as datasets)
  • Providing lineage (considering target and source components) for the following components:
      • AlteryxDbFileInput
      • AlteryxDbFileOutput
      • AlteryxAmazonS3Download
      • AlteryxAmazonS3Upload
      • AlteryxLockInInput
      • AlteryxMongoOutput
      • AlteryxMongoInput
      • TableInputTool
      • CubeInputTool
      • PublishToTableauServer
We will extend to more components based on the client requirements.